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2013 Signing Class: Alabama’s Target Zone

target-with-dartsAlabama added 25 players from 13 different states on Wednesday and Thursday.  A breakdown of the Crimson Tide’s “target zone” is below:


Alabama = 7 recruits

Georgia = 3

Florida = 2

Louisiana = 2

Texas = 2

Virginia = 2

Arkansas = 1

California = 1

New Jersey = 1

New York = 1

Pennsylvania = 1

Tennessee = 1

Utah = 1


In-State Signees = 28.0%

Out-Of-State Signees = 72.0%



Alabama’s target zone?  Uh, the North American continent?  Look at that spread — 25 players from 13 different states.  Nick Saban has turned the UA program into “America’s Team,” if not by popularity then by sheer geography.  Bama grabbed the #1 player from the Yellowhammer State, the #1 player from Arkansas, the #1 player from Utah, the #2 player from Texas, the #2 player from Virginia, the #3 player from Pennsylvania, and the #4 player from Louisiana.  Love ‘em or hate ‘em, it doesn’t appear that the Crimson Tide will be falling out of the national title picture anytime soon.

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Another Pro-Notre Dame T-Shirt Takes A Swipe At Southerners

I normally pull for the underdog in most athletic contests, unless I have a real rooting interest in a particular team.  When an SEC squad plays in a BCS Championship Game, that constitutes a real rooting interest.  So I would have been pulling for Alabama to beat Notre Dame a week from Monday in Miami anyway.

But now I want the Tide to kick the hell out of the Irish.

As we told you a few weeks back, several Notre Dame fans were buying up and tweeting about T-shirts bearing the message: Catholics vs. Cousins…


























Ah, a nice jab at the stereotype of inbred Southerners.

Well now Irish fans are buying up another offensive shirt that also makes fun of Alabamans and Southerners:


nd bama shirt























Nice, huh?

As we suggested last time around, maybe it’s time for folks in the Yellowhammer State to start printing “Pachyderms vs. Pedophiles” shirts to see if any Notre Dame fans take offense.

Just a shirt?  Sure.  A shirt — a second shirt — that insults millions of Americans who happen to live in the South.  And this one has the added gall to insult millions of Americans across the country who can’t afford nicer homes.  Classy.

So congrats, Notre Dame fans.  I’d taken up for you earlier this year when ESPN’s Rick Reilly decided to rip your football program.  Now you’ve turned the one man south of the Mason-Dixon line who respects your history and tradition against you.  Very much against you.

Anyone know where a man can buy a Houndstooth hat?

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Alabama Governor Piles On Bama Play-Calling

If you read this site with any regularity, you know I’m no fan of politicians who involve themselves in the world of sports.  Just try and do the jobs we elect you to do and don’t worry about steroids, college football playoff systems, filling out your bracket on ESPN or… play-calling.

This week, Alabama governor Robert Bentley added his name to the long list of folks in the Yellowhammer State who feel the Crimson Tide threw the ball too much in Saturday’s loss to Texas A&M, especially near the goal line at game’s end.  Asked if he would have run or thrown the ball on 4th-and-Goal from the Aggie two — a play that resulted in an interception — the gov said:


“I would actually have run the ball for four straight times.”


An honest answer no doubt (that shows just how much rope Bama’s coaching staff is given even after winning two BCS titles in three years).

But a better answer would have been: “Nick Saban knows more about football than I ever will and his record as a coach is a helluva lot better than mine as a governor.”

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Ex-AU Coach Dye Won’t Talk Tigers, Calls Tide The Best Ever

Last week, ex-Auburn coach Pat Dye made news by saying that Auburn might not win another game this year.  Yesterday on Paul Finebaum’s radio show, Dye wouldn’t talk about his old school at all:


“I don’t want to talk about Auburn today and I’m not going to talk about Auburn today.  I’ve already said enough.”


Fair enough.  But Dye did speak about Alabama.  He spoke highly of Alabama.  And when you speak highly about Bama in the Yellowhammer State, you’re by default talking about the state of Auburn.  Or at least many Tigers fans will take it that way.  If one program is way up, then other can’t help but be way down… in their thinking.

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WKU Players Flap Gums, Assure Defeat With Promises Of Beating Bama

Well, the media and his own crimson-clad fans might not be helping Nick Saban fire up his team for Western Kentucky… but a pair of Hilltoppers have foolishly come to his aid.  Sophomore WKU defensive lineman/linebacker TJ Smith is a native of the Yellowhammer State who grew up an Auburn fan.  Unfortunately for him and his teammates, he couldn’t keep his anti-Bama feelings to himself:


“Yeah, man, I’ll tell you what, we’re gonna play hard.  I’ll tell you what, we’re gonna freaking win this game.  Truly, we got a great defense, great linebackers — so watch this game, we’re gonna win.”


I’ll tell you what… if WKU knocks off #1 Alabama in Tuscaloosa, it will go down as one of the biggest upsets in the history of college sports.  But Smith wasn’t alone in expressing confidence.  Another Alabama-native/Auburn-fan — fullback Demetrius Coley — took things even further:


“Yeah, I can’t wait to get out here and kick their butts.”


Misters Smith and Coley, to quote the very old (and bad) Hudson Brothers movie, “Hysterical” (yeah, I went there)… “You’re doomed.”


Hysterical – You're Doomed!


(A hat tip to John Clay at The Lexington Herald-Leader.)

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