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Barnhart Was Responding To Hypothetical Questions

Tony Barnhart — the venerable Bede of SEC football coverage — found his name attached to the SEC’s accidental web posting last night.  Taking part in a short Q&A, Barnhart weighed in on how a Missouri-SEC marriage might work.  With that hitting the web last night, the obvious questions became: When did Barnhart know this and why didn’t he report it?

I emailed Barnhart this morning regarding the post and he said:

“I was asked by XOS to respond to a series of hypotheticals and so I did.  Had no inside knowledge.  If I did I would have reported it.”

XOS Digital is the web vendor that apparently dropped the ball by posting the Missouri-to-the-SEC news prematurely.  While it would seem that any Q&A would have been done by the league and not the web vendor, the SEC and Barnhart are both suggesting it was indeed XOS that conducted the interview.

Having dealt with Barnhart via our CSS roles, if he says that’s how it went down, I believe him.

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