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SEC Headlines 5/4/2013

headlines-saturday1. A second arrest made Friday in the Baton Rouge bar fight that involved LSU running back Jeremy Hill but formal charges could take a while.”It will be several weeks, probably longer.”

2. South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier:  ”It took us a while, but the black athlete has made our conference the best in the country. There is no question about it.”

3. Six of the ten most popular college coaches on Twitter are in the SEC – Les Miles No. 1, Butch Jones No. 3, Mark Richt, No. 4, Bret Bielema No. 5, Hugh Freeze No. 8, and Dan Mullen No. 9.

4. Florida A.D. Jeremy Foley on talk of a nine-game SEC schedule.  ”From a selfish standpoint, we have to play Florida State every year, OK?So nine conference games and Florida State, that’s a tough challenge.”

5. Auburn returns four of five starters along its offensive line.  Center Reese Dismukes likes the approach from new coach Gus Malzahn: “This year, there’s no grey area.”

6. Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin on defending his honorary WWE belt:  “What time is the fight?”

SEC Network

7. One key to the SEC Network? Watch the states of Florida and Texas – they makeup more than half the homes in the conference.

8. With the network announcement and Kyle Field expansion, a big week at Texas A&M.  Where would be the Aggies be if still in the Big 12?  “Well, we wouldn’t have had as big a week as we’ve had.”

SEC Basketball

9. An earlier start to Midnight Madness. NCAA allowing practice to start two weeks earlier than previous years.

10. Florida will travel to Connecticut in December.  Huskies will make return trip dependent on O’Connell Center renovations.

11. Arkansas wants a practice facility to help with recruiting.


12. St. Louis Cardinals pitching prospect (and former Texas A&M pitcher) Michael Wacha has a message for Johnny Manziel.

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Saban Won’t Bite On Bielema’s Comment, While Some Say College Football Needs More Trash Talk

trash-talkYesterday, Alabama’s Nick Saban was asked about the comments Bret Bielema made over the weekend claiming that Saban’s record at Michigan State didn’t match his own at Wisconsin.  The man with four BCS championships on his resume claimed the remarks by Arkansas’ coach left him feeling, well, nothing:


“I really don’t have a reaction to it.  I’m really concerned about what we do here with our players, how we try to get the people in our organization to pay at a high standard.  I really don’t defend anything I ever did any place we’ve ever been.  Everybody has different situations they’re in, everybody inherits different situations that they’re in, you do the best you can to try to build a good program in those situations.”


As we told you earlier today, Bielema claimed via Twitter yesterday that he was just joshing around at a Razorback booster club when he compared himself to Saban.

Whether it was a joke or not, the reaction has been predictable.  Alabama fans were outraged.  Arkansas fans said, “Darn tootin’!”  And some in the blogosphere have said college sports needs more of this WWE-style chirping.

Just judging by the television contracts being signed and the massive ratings for games, I’m not sure that college football is longing for much of anything.  Saban’s comments are dry and measured yet he’s won three of the last four BCS titles and his program is the talk of the country.  Apparently he doesn’t need to jape, insult, or be “interesting” in order to generate attention.

But sports fans are divided into two groups.  Those who believe coaches and players should show class and do their talking on the field or court… and those who feel the world of sports needs trash-talkin’, showboatin’, bombasters to make things interesting.  To them, slinging arrows can be a good thing.

Personally, I’ll take the guy who wins, says nothing at the postgame presser, and then flaps his gums with his team behind closed doors.  The games already hold my interest without the ginned up sideshow.

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WWE’s “Big Show” Plays Villain To A&M Hero Sumlin At Wrestling Event

Over the weekend, Texas A&M football coach Kevin Sumlin was presented with an honorary heavyweight championship belt by WWE.  In typical wrestling fashion, the villain du jour — a massive character known as “The Big Show” — interrupted the presentation and proceeded to insult Sumlin and the crowd cheering him.

The Big Show went so far as to refer to Texas A&M as a “second-rate university.”  This particular WWE event took place in College Station, so you can imagine the fan reaction.

The best part?  A quick round of the now familiar “S-E-C, S-E-C” chant briefly reigned down upon the leotard-wearing baddie.


Kevin Sumlin at WWE in College Station


Anything for recruiting.

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A&M’s Sumlin To Receive WWE Title Belt

Big-Show copyNow here’s something we’ve never written before.

Texas A&M football coach Kevin Sumlin will be named an honorary World Heavyweight Champion by WWE.  (Is it the WWE or just WWE?)  Not surprisingly, the presentation of his ceremonial title belt will be made when the wrestling troupe arrives in College Station for a show on Sunday.

The presentation of the belt will be made just prior to the main event between — wait for it — Alberto Del Rio and the Big Show, the World’s Largest Athlete.

Sumlin and the Big Show together at last.

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