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The SEC Captures The Flag – Again (And Rival Fans Hate You For It)

Yesterday we told you that if Kentucky won the basketball national championship, the league would have its 12th national title out of a possible 20 in football, men’s basketball and baseball over the last seven years.

Done and done.

And currently the Southeastern Conference has the reigning champ in all three sports — Alabama in football, Kentucky in basketball, and South Carolina in baseball.  A new baseball champ will be crowned shortly and currently seven of the nation’s Top 25 in that sport reside in Mike Slive’s league… so there’s a good chance the SEC will make it 13 titles out of a possible 21.

Our point was that the SEC piles up titles like no other league.  In fact — as we also noted yesterday — no other conference has fielded more than two national title-winners during the SEC’s run of 12.  Come to think of it, it’s a good thing Kentucky didn’t beat another SEC rival in last night’s title game or Chuck Neinas and Jim Delany would be pushing for a change of the NCAA Tournament format this morning.

Naturally, whenever the SEC’s dominance is mentioned, we get a number of nasty emails from people who simply don’t want to hear it.  We got a doozy yesterday that was a shot at this site, our readers and the people of the South as whole.

I thought of including the writer’s full name so you could email him, but I decided against that.  Instead, enjoy the writings of David R. from Mississippi (obviously a transplant).  One must wonder what went wrong in someone’s life to make them this touchy over a blurb on a website and this ugly to and about people he doesn’t know:


“To: Mr…SEC? (Has anybody verified this? Is he, in fact, Mr. SEC?)

Small sample sizes make for terrible statistics. 6 years (not 7 when only football season is over, although I’m sure that’s your main focus) I realize you (you being the collective web-site) are appealing to your audience and are undoubtedly just like them and fall/fell into 1 of 2 categories:


1.      Entitled current/former Frat-boy who is really more concerned with somehow increasing his allowance allowed by the family’s accountant and whether to fill the keg up with Keystone or Natty for the tailgating party

2.      Overweight sleeveless-shirt wearing Alabama fan who doesn’t own a hat unless it’s camouflage, or a vehicle unless its 4WD.


Why does that matter you ask? Because those are the only people, like you, who believe no sports exist north of the Mason-Dixon line, or West of Texas. Also, I’m willing to bet truth is you watch a lot of football (doesn’t make you an expert at all), but have absolutely no authority to speak on college basketball. Quick test, none of the fancy googling allowed:


What city is Marquette located in?

What school originated the Princeton Offense?

Name two former head coaches of Army:


Your answers were probably something like:


Minneapolis (That’s in Montana right?)


Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett


All good choices, by the way.

Please see attached for a 10 and 20 year statistical analysis of college basketball. Unfortunately I ran out of data for victories after year 9, but 9 years is good enough for that. Although I’m sure you would argue this is too many numbers, so just look at the last two boxes on each tab. SEC is the 5th best conference in the nation before normalization and 6th best afterward. (Normalization being if all conferences had the same number of schools in it). Just out of curiosity I ran another analysis (2nd tab) of what happens when you take Kentucky out. Without Kentucky the SEC is the 6thbest conference and when normalized still the 6th. Not exactly dominant, actually pretty far from it.

Again, small statistics make for terrible statistics and even worse analysis. Also, let me preemptively say I’m sure that if you choose to retort, you will say something akin to “Well stats aren’t everything” I concur. However, you provided no context for your stats (Florida had 3 of the top 14 picks in the NBA draft after those two years) so I’m not providing any for mine. But thanks for your FoxNews analysis of college sports.

David R. (Mississippi)

P.S. Don’t get too excited, I’m 98.9% positive that after Kentucky wins tonight, this Final Four run by Calipari will meet the same fate as his last two (stop googling, I’ll tell you…they “never happened”).”


Nice, huh?  First, no one here calls himself “Mr. SEC.” It’s the name of the site and three of us write for it.  Second, this should give you a good idea of just how furious non-SEC’ers are that the SEC keeps gobbling up national title after national title.

As if a spreadsheet — what loser has time to doctor up a spreadsheet and send it to a website? — changes the fact that the SEC has indeed captured 12 of the past 20 “big 3″ crowns.

Enjoy it, SEC fans.  You’re hated for a reason.  Your teams win titles.  David R’s team apparently finished playing a while back… how else would he have so much time to spend on a spreadsheet?  (One that I didn’t read, by the way.)

And in case you’re wondering, I did reply to his email.  I think the term “Go to Hell,” made an appearance.

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