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Calipari Is “The New NBA Nexus”

Nexus — “A means of connection; a link or tie; The core or center.”

According to Matt Moore of, Kentucky’s John Calipari — even from his perch in the college game — is the new nexus of the NBA.  Why?  Here’s his take:

“Calipari is coaching the Dominican national team against a collection of former Wildcats (in an exhibition game at Rupp Arena).  Cal has used every edge in keeping the factory rolling.  William Wesley’s close associate, LeBron James, and his brand will be sponsoring gear for UK this year.  All-Stars are hanging out on campus and could be hired as special assistant coaches.

The reality is that with New York a tar pit where both the players and owners are stuck drowning in their own stubborness, and Miami evacuated as the Triad go about their globe trotting ways, there’s a new center of the NBA universe.  Maybe Calipari isn’t emperor of this kingdom, and he’s just the friendly father figure he makes himself out to be.  It doesn’t change the fact that the future of the NBA flows through Lexington, and it’s Calipari tending the waters.”

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Calipari Chats About His Team And The NBA

Yesterday we told you that Kentucky’s John Calipari laughed off rumors of an NBA departure… without actually closing the door on the possibility.  In fact, he didn’t bother to offer up even a non-denial denial. 

But when it came to his players and their NBA goals, the coach had quite a bit to say.  Some of the points — as reported by Jerry Tipton of The Lexington Herald-Leader – are as follows:

* It’s a no-brainer for Terrence Jones and Brandon Knight to test the draft waters, but the NBA’s current labor strife might make their final decisions tougher.

* DeAndre Liggins should go ahead and put his name in the draft as well.

* If Doron Lamb gets stronger and tougher he could be “a lottery pick a year from now.”

* And the coach isn’t worried about what his roster will look like next year.

But the most interesting comment might have come while the coach discussed the deadlines used by the NCAA and the NBA… and how they don’t match.

“The problem is, the NCAA didn’t work with the NBA to work on the drop-dead date,” Calipari said.  “The NBA date (to declare for the draft) is the 24th, and the list (of players who declared) doesn’t come out until the 28th or 29th so the NBA can’t work out those kids or talk to them until the list comes out.  The NCAA say you have until May 8th (to withdraw from the draft), but you can’t miss class.  We’re trying to do some stuff to get them more information.”

Ya think agent William Wesley might be providing some info to Cal and his Cats?

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