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Auburn Didn’t Give Cecil Newton A Ticket To BCS Title Game

On Monday, Jay Jacobs said that Cecil Newton and Auburn had agreed that he had best not attend the BCS Championship Game out of respect for his son.

But after the game, a photo captured Cam Newton hugging his father.  The embrace came after the younger Newton had scanned the crowd for his dad.

Three Auburn fans have already emailed to say that they saw Cecil watching the game at a nearby hotel.  Interesting that I’ve gotten three emails and one posted comment on this topic, but none of those folks chose to mention the name of the hotel where they spotted Cecil.  Nor do they explain how the man got from the hotel to the stadium (and into the stadium) so quickly after the game’s climax.

Whether Tiger fans support Cecil/Cam or not — and the vast majority do — the elder Newton has once again left Auburn’s PR wing in a lurch.  On a day when Auburn staffers should have been answering questions about victory parades and interviews, instead they were having to answer questions about Cecil.

And according to AU staffers, the school didn’t provide Newton with a ticket to the game.  And athletic department officials did not expect him to attend the game.

The NCAA told Auburn that it should allow only limited access to Cecil after learning that he had asked Mississippi State representatives for cash.  Sneaking into a game to watch his son win a BCS title shouldn’t be considered a violation of that “suggestion” as far as is concerned.

But this incident once again proves that the elder Newton is a loose cannon and that AU officials — if you believe them — really have no idea what he’s going to do from one minute to the next.

If his son were a backup kicker, Tiger fans would want this guy run out of town on the proverbial rail.  But since his son is the best player in the land, some instead offer up more defense of Cecil.  Even though he put Auburn officials in a bad light.  Again.

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