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DT Hood Says UT’s Jones Offers More Passion Than His Predecessor

gfx - they said itOver the course of three seasons at Tennessee, the criticisms of Derek Dooley grew in number by the day.  That’s no surprise as folks tend to find more and more faults with their coaches the more they lose ballgames.

What was surprising was the type of charges levied against the Vols’ old coach.  Since his firing last November, stories have emerged claiming the man was more concerned with the types of pens and pencils on his desk than he was the actual running of his football program.  Example: Dooley reportedly once told bricklayers on UT’s campus how much mortar they should be using in between bricks.

Whether those kinds of stories are true or not, there is clearly a difference between Dooley and his upbeat, high-energy successor, Butch Jones.  According to fifth-year defensive tackle Daniel Hood, the difference is a passion for football:


“With Coach Dooley, it was: ‘This is your job.  Do your job, then go home and eat.’  With Coach Jones, it’s: ‘This is your life.  It’s everything to you.’”


Hood also said, “With the passion (the players) have for football, (the coaches) just intensify it that much more.”

Better coaches be passionate about football than, say, how much ink is in the office’s dry erase board markers.  Whether Jones’ particular passion makes any sort of a difference in Tennessee’s record this fall or moving forward remains to be seen.


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