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Sheridan Talks Newton “Bagman” On Finebaum

Ah, and the pot is about to be stirred a bit more.  USA Today oddsmaker — and Alabama grad — Danny Sheridan is a guest on Paul Finebaum’s radio show this afternoon.  Late last week he claimed to know the name of the alleged “bagman” who acted as a cash-running go-between for Auburn and the family of Cam Newton.

We’ll keep you posted on what he says right here…

* Sheridan wants to address some of the criticisms aimed at him.

* Finebaum is also going to have an attorney take part in the interview.

* Sheridan has been told the name of the person the NCAA believes is the bagman.

* Asked to give the name, Sheridan said: “No, sir, I will not give you the name.”

* Sheridan said that his attorney — Vince Kilborn, who is on the show with him — warned him about going public with the name.  He told him that the “truth” would protect Sheridan in a defamation lawsuit, but he would have to give up his NCAA sources.

* The spin: Sheridan is protecting his sources inside the NCAA.  What a guy!

* Sheridan says that he knows there is a witness to all of this and he knows where that witness works, but he does not know the witness’ name.  And he will not share information on where the witness works.

This is ridiculous.  Yet another person hurling accusations with absolutely no proof to offer.  “But I really have the proof, I just can’t share it,” doesn’t hold water.  Just more BS.

* Sheridan wants his internet critics to “man up” and to stop hiding behind the anonymity of internet messageboards.  That’s an odd thing to say for a guy who himself is hiding behind the threat of lawsuits.

* Sheridan also said he would not comment on whether or not the NCAA is still investigating the Newton situation… on the advice of counsel.

That’s all I can stand, folks.  I’m tuning out before Finebaum moves on to his usual roster of screaming, angry, insult-tossing callers.

Twenty minutes of my life… that I’ll never get back.

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