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Defense Dragging Ole Miss Down

Ole Miss
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The Ole Miss defense has been a colossal disappointment this season. Of the five losses to date, each was accompanied by defensive fails of epic proportions – for the most part busted assignments and/or  missed tackles run for at least 20 yards (many were much further) for a score. All of them have been game changers that could not be overcome by a pretty good offense.

The most frustrating thing about these seemingly tremendous offensive feats is that they are being accomplished by a collective group of nobodies. The truth is, these offensive performances aren’t the result of incredible talent, genius coaching, or even amazing speed. These are the result of a very suspect and disappointing Ole Miss defense. The unit that was to be the “strength” of the Rebels this year, is currently ranked 81st in the nation in total defense, giving up 395 yards per game.

It’s time to call this defense what it is – a disaster.

Are you a college football player hidden in obscurity? Need a chance to showcase your talent? Want to be a star for just one day? Well call up Pete Boone and schedule a game against this Rebel defense. They’ve been creating stars all year:

1. Vanderbilt: Duck hunter/interim head coach Robbie Caldwell had his shining moment against Ole Miss. The Commodores had what looked like a dynamic offensive attack on that day, gashing the Rebels for several long touchdown runs. Since then, the Commodores have been so pathetic moving the ball they switched offensive play callers mid-season.

2. Jacksonville State: That quarterback who managed to convert the 4th down for a touchdown and shock Ole Miss in the opener…what was his name? You’ve forgotten? That’s because his shining moment came in early September. After a week of giving interviews on every sports talk show in the country he’s back to FCS Division nobody-cares status now.

3. Arkansas: Before facing Ole Miss Razorback runner Knile Davis was averaging seven carries a game. He was a side show on Petrino and Mallett’s high-powered offense. Against the Rebels he took center stage, busting runs off tackle as though the Rebels were playing with nine men instead of eleven and carrying the ball 22 times for 176 stars. He’ll probably never be heard from again. I hope you enjoyed your moment Knile.

4. Auburn: Nobody in the country new Auburn had tailbacks before this game. I know I didn’t. Yet there were Onterio McCallebb and Mike Dyer running around the area where the linebacker or defensive end is usually found (Ole Miss is currently trying to locate these players). The duo racked up 279 yards on the night. Expect to hear nothing from either of these guys the rest of the year.

5. Alabama: Okay, Trent Richardson was already a star, but his 85-yard touchdown on a screen pass, a screen pass for goodness sakes, must be mentioned in order to round out the string of losses and accompanying defensive busts.

So, there it is. Now, pretend you’re Houston Nutt and/or Pete Boone six months removed from begging defensive coordinator Tyrone Nix not to leave for Georgia or Florida and tell me what you’re going to do about it.

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