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SEC Suspends USC’s Swearinger For Nasty Hit; Conspiracy Theorists Need To Hush

Two weeks.  Two suspensions.

One week after penalizing Ole Miss defensive back Trae Elston for a violation of the rules 9-1-3 and 9-1-4, the SEC office has doled out a suspension to South Carolina defensive back DJ Swearinger for a violation of good ol’ 9-1-4.

For the conspiracy theorists who said of Elston’s suspension, “Let’s see the SEC suspend a player from a good team before a big game,” uh, well, you can now hush and get back to looking at that model of Dealey Plaza you made out of mashed potatoes on your kitchen table.

Here’s what the SEC had to say about the suspension of the free safety starter from the seventh-ranked team in the country:


“This action is the result of a flagrant and dangerous act which occurred at the 5:46 mark in the third quarter (of South Carolina’s game with UAB on Saturday).  The action is in violation of Rule 9-1-4 of the NCAA Football Rule Book, which reads, ‘No player shall target and initiate contact to the head or neck area of a defenseless opponent with the helmet, forearm, elbow or shoulder.’

By playing rule, a defenseless opponent is defined by ‘one who because his physical position and focus of concentration is especially vulnerable to injury.’  One of the example in the rule book is a receiver whose focus in on catching a pass.”


Unlike Elton’s play, the hit by Swearinger — shown below — did draw a flag from officials.


D.J Swearinger knocks out UAB player


According to commissioner Mike Slive: “These rules are for the protection of the health and safety of our players on both sides of the ball.  It is imperative that our student-athletes understand the importance of this rule.  Our motivation in making these decisions is to protect our student-athletes.”

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