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Ex-Bama Player Calloway Goes The Juco Route

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEx-Alabama footballer Brent Calloway — dismissed in February for using a credit card that had been stolen – will enroll at Arizona Western junior college in beautiful Yuma.  Calloway played a number of positions for the Crimson Tide before finally landing at H-back.

The stolen credit card used by Calloway was acquired by fellow dismissed teammates Eddie Williams, DJ Pettway and Tyler Hayes who attacked a fellow student and robbed him of it.  All four players are applying for youthful offender status and a hearing could comes as soon as next month.

Calloway did not take part in the attack on the student, but he had been arrested previously for second-degree possession of marijuana.  Possession of weed and the use of a stolen credit card… small enough crimes that a stint in the juco ranks could erase them?  We think so.  Junior colleges are the baptismal fonts of college athletics.  Dive in and all your sins can be warshed away, even if you knock over a Piggly-Wiggly over in Yazoo:




If Calloway performs well at Arizona Western, we wouldn’t be surprised to see him return to a school in the SEC for his final two years of eligibility.

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Dismissed Bama Footballer Allowed To Leave State To Attend School In Mississippi

dj-pettwayDJ Pettway — one of four Alabama football players dismissed from the team last week in connection with a pair of on-campus robberies — has been given permission to leave the state of Alabama to attend school in Mississippi.  Yesterday a judge in granted Pettway’s request, but that request did not specify at which school Pettway intended to enroll.

Knowing the number of junior college in Mississippi, it’s likely a safe bet that the sophomore-to-be will take the juco route.  As we’ve noted on this site before, a player could hijack a jet, do a year at a junior college, and wind up re-recruited a year later as a changed man.  Junior college football is the baptismal font of collegiate athletics.  Go in with a criminal record, come out with all your sins “warshed away.”  (Yes, “O Brother Where Art Thou” is a staple at World Headquarters.)

We have no problem with second chances, mind you, we’re just a bit cynical when it comes to the transformative powers of a few months in the juco ranks.

Pettway was charged with two counts of second-degree robbery on February 11th.  Brent Calloway, Tyler Hayes, and Eddie Williams were also arrested in connection to the crimes and all were eventually dismissed from Bama’s football team along with Pettway.

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Question: How Many Bama Fans Would Have Called For Due Process If Saban Had Acted Immediately?

hmmm-thinking-smiley-faceThis afternoon came news that Nick Saban and/or the University of Alabama had dismissed four football players arrested earlier this month for their involvement in a pair of violent on-campus robberies.  That news has once again stirred the blood since this site — and in particular this writer — initially called for two of the four accused to be dismissed immediately after their arrests.  (Those two players had already confessed to police that they had committed the crimes.)

I have seen many responses in our comment boxes and in my email box today that echo the responses I saw then: “What’s wrong with getting all the facts straight?”

Well, in my opinion, when a player confesses to a violent crime there are no more facts to get straight.  End of story, there’s the door.

But in reality, the majority of people who’ve taken me to task for my opinion — some of whom claimed I was leading a witch hunt or a lynch mob — have simply been defending Saban and Alabama.  I know it.  You know it, too.

And that’s the led me to wonder something…

If Saban had immediately dismissed the two players who had confessed to police, would the same people who criticized my opinion have sent us messages claiming Saban had led a witch hunt?  Would they have said, “Where’s the due process, Nick?”  “Why the rush to judgement, Coach Saban?”

I’m going to guess that the answer is no.  In fact, I’ll bet that some of those who chastised me would have praised Saban for running a tight ship, for taking no bull, etc, etc.

This wasn’t about finding justice for the accused, it was about defending Saban and Bama.  Do you really believe any school’s fans would shout so loudly for patience and due process — a legal term that has no bearing in this situation — if a rival school’s players had admitted to knocking two students unconscious?

Again, I think we all know the answer to that one.

In the end, the two players I believe should have been given the boot immediately have been tossed from Alabama’s team.  The other two players have also been given the heave-ho.  When the names Eddie Williams, Tyler Hayes, DJ Pettway, and Brent Calloway are mentioned moving forward, there will be an “Ex” before the words “Alabama football players.”

Considering their crimes, Bama got it right.  Regardless of timing.

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All 4 Alabama Football Players Arrested Earlier This Month Dismissed

mrsec-breaking-newsThe playing careers of four University of Alabama football players arrested and charged with robbery and/or fraudulent use of a credit card earlier this month have ended in Tuscaloosa.  Nick Saban announced today that all four freshmen – Brent Calloway, Tyler Hayes, DJ Pettway, and Eddie Williams — are “no longer associated with the (Alabama) football team.

A statement from the University of Alabama said: “UA’s judicial review has been completed.  The four students involved in the robberies on campus are no longer enrolled in UA.”

Saban said:


“Based on all the information we’ve received and gone through and tried to determine the future of the four guys that got in trouble, those guys are no longer associated with the football program.  Their actions do not reflect the spirit and character that we want our organization to reflect.  It’s obviously very disappointing and unacceptable what happened…

I also think that I’ve been really proud of over the last five years that our team has done a very good job and shown personal responsibility and how they represent the university, what they’ve done in the community, in the classroom, off the field.  And they’re going to continue to do as much as we can in personal development, character development in our program with education to try to help guys have a chance to be more successful in life…

Some people learn by words, some people learn by consequences, some people can’t learn.”


It was only a matter of time before Saban and/or the University of Alabama dismissed at least the three players directly involved in the robberies.  We felt that Calloway might survive as he had only used a stolen credit card.

In the end, it is a privilege to represent one’s university as an athlete, not a right.  A violent criminal act should end that privilege posthaste.  Especially if one has already admitted to committing said act.

Here’s hoping the young men turn things around and make the most of any second chances that are afforded them in life.  But that second chance should not have come on the same campus where the two students they knocked unconscious continue to matriculate.

On a separate note, Saban also revealed today that receiver Danny Woodson Jr. has been suspended for a violation of team rules.

Update: With the suspension, Woodson, Jr. is not participating in the team’s offseason workout program and he’s not the only one.  Receiver Marvin Shinn has decided not to participate and will likely transfer, according to Nick Saban.  Both players redshirted in 2011 and were reserves in 2012.



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Wow Headlines 2/13/2013

SEC Tuesday Night Basketball
Florida 69 – Kentucky 52…Alabama 52 – Georgia 45
Wednesday Night Basketball
Ole Miss at Texas A&M…Missouri at Mississippi State…Tennessee at Vanderbilt…Arkansas at Auburn
Tennessee F Jarnell Stokes is the SEC’s Player of the Week
The Big Ten has announced it will go to a 9- or 10-game conference schedule in football… the SEC plays and 8-game conference schedule
On Monday, four Alabama football players were arrested for robbery, fraudulent use of a credit card, or both
Tyler Hayes and Dennis Pettway were charged with second degree robbery
Brent Calloway was arrested for fraudulent use of a credit card
Eddie Williams was arrested for second degree robbery, fraudulent use of a credit card, and carrying a pistol without a license (in a separate Sunday arrest)
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Alabama Suspends Four Arrested Players

mrsec-breaking-newsThe University of Alabama has released a new statement — this one from head coach Nick Saban — that fails to deliver the justice at least two of the four players arrested yesterday deserve.

For those who haven’t been keeping up, Alabama freshman footballers Tyler Hayes, DJ Pettway, and Eddie Williams have been charged with second degree robbery of two fellow UA students.  Both students were assaulted and beaten.  The arrest reports show that Hayes and Williams admitted their involvement to police.  If true, they should be booted immediately.

But they will not be:



“The young men charged are indefinitely suspended as we continue to gather information and talk to the appropriate people.  The University and football program have strict guidelines regarding issues of this magnitude.  This behavior is unacceptable for any student-athlete at the University of Alabama and not representative of our football program.”


Unfortunately, yes, it is representative of Alabama’s football program so long as those players — especially the two who reportedly confessed to police — are members of the Crimson Tide football program.  There’s really no other way to put it.  If two players admit to beating and robbing two UA students yet they are allowed to remain on the football team as representatives of the school, their deeds are indeed representative of the team.

If Saban, AD Mal Moore, and the Alabama administration don’t want these people representing their football team or the school, the rather simple solution is to show them the exit.

These are serious issues.  This isn’t some underage kid drinking a beer in front of campus police.  This isn’t a player with a blunt in his glove compartment.  This isn’t a freshman driving with a suspended license.  These were violent crimes that left at least one student unconscious.  Nothing more needs to be said.

If Hayes and Williams confessed, they should be gone.  If it’s proven Pettway took part in this, he should be dismissed just as coolly.

The fourth player involved in all of this — freshman Brent Calloway — has been charged with using a credit card stolen from one of his teammates’ two victims.  He claimed via Twitter that “it wasn’t a credit card” and that he “wasn’t even awake during the robbery.”  If there’s a player who might deserve a second chance on Saban’s team it’s Calloway.  But Calloway was himself arrested on possession of marijuana charges in 2011.  Whether two strikes constitute an out at Alabama is yet to be determined.

What we do know is that several strikes from players’ fists and feet to their fellow students’ heads and bodies do not.


SIDENOTE Perhaps Alabama’s decision not to dismiss the players — at least not yet — will put to rest the batty notion that Saban somehow knew these robberies were going to be committed and was counting on them to allow him to do some roster-purging.  Hell, the CIA couldn’t pull off such a conspiracy.  That’s “Zero Dark Nutty.”

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WOW Headlines – 2/12/13

Kentucky will visit Florida tonight in SEC hoops action
A Kentucky win would give the Wildcats a share of first place in the SEC… a Florida win would give the Gators a two-game lead
Mississippi State G Jalen Steele has apologized for violating a team rule that led to his suspension
Tennessee F Jarnell Stokes is the SEC’s Player of the Week
The Big Ten has announced it will go to a 9- or 10-game conference schedule in football… the SEC plays and 8-game conference schedule
On Monday, four Alabama football players were arrested for robbery, fraudulent use of a credit card, or both
Tyler Hayes and Dennis Pettway were charged with second degree robbery
Brent Calloway was arrested for fraudulent use of a credit card
Eddie Williams was arrested for second degree robbery, fraudulent use of a credit card, and carrying a pistol without a license (in a separate Sunday arrest)
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Confirmed: 4 Alabama Football Players Arrested

mrsec-breaking-newsThe Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office has apparently confirmed that four Alabama football players have been arrested.  All were 4- or 5-star players coming out of high school.

Tyler Hayes (second degree robbery), Dennis Pettway (second degree robbery), Eddie Williams (second degree robbery and fraudulent use of a credit card), and Brent Calloway (fraudulent use of a credit card) have all been busted and their mugshots revealed on

A second degree robbery conviction in Alabama can carry a 20-year jail sentence.

UPDATE – Williams was also arrested for carrying a pistol without a license.  That arrest was on Sunday, while his arrest for robbery and fraudulent use of a credit card came yesterday.


SIDENOTE — Last month while doing a guest bit on WJOX-FM in Birmingham I was asked about the tight ship that Nick Saban was running in Tuscaloosa.  I credited him for keeping things quiet on the legal front in recent seasons, but also pointed out that those things tend to run in cycles.  Some kids do dumb things regardless of their coach’s wishes/demands.

I was immediately hit with a few emails from Bama fans who happened to be listening to my interview.  They claimed that I didn’t understand the Alabama program and how perfectly Saban was running things (as if any coach has control over 100 college-age kids 24 hours a day).

Well, I’ll be interested to see how many of those folks email me today.

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