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Carolina QB Coach Arrested

Oh, the fun folks are going to have with this one.  Too bad it’s going to be at someone’s expense.

South Carolina quarterbacks coach GA Mangus has been arrested in Greenville, South Carolina for “nuisance conduct.”  He was arrested early this morning at about 2am.

According to Travis Haney of The Charleston Post & Courier (via Twitter), “the state coaches’ clinic is currently going on in Greenville,” which would explain the coach’s location.

Heath Cline — a radio host in Columbia — reports the following (also via Twitter):

“Details on arrest of SC QB coach GA Mangus from source present at the incident: multiple SC coaches were walking back to hotel in downtown Greenville after socializing with HS coaches in town for event.  Mangus stumbled in some fashion, attracting attention of a police officer.  In response to the officer’s query, Mangus made a belligerent response verbally and was taken into custody.”

It’s believed Mangus will face the option of a $500 fine or 30 days in jail. 

When you read the words “South Carolina,” “quarterback,” and “arrest” in a sentence, you don’t expect the word “coach” to also appear.  Instead of of-troubled QB Stephen Garcia getting into trouble, it was indeed his position coach.

Now it’s up to Steve Spurrier to determine an appropriate amount of discipline for a man expected to set a good example for Garcia and the rest of the USC team. 

You can bet some will call for the coach’s head — AD Eric Hyman’s wife maybe? — but based on the sketchy details provided, having one too many drinks at a coaches clinic isn’t cause for dismissal.  While it’s not smart to get belligerent with a cop, we don’t yet know what “belligerent” means at this point. 

And it should be noted that the coaches were walking back to their hotel, not driving.

Still, the jokes — the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree — are sure to come.

Mangus is a former Spurrier quarterback at Florida and has been on the Gamecocks’ staff since 2009.

UPDATE — The State has gotten more details on the arrest and now Mangus is going to look a little bit worse. 

“At 1:31am Tuesday, two Greenville police officers in an unmarked patrol car ‘observed Mangus facing Main St. urinating on the street curb and roadway,’ according to a report from the Greenville police department.  When an officer who was called to the scene by those two officers approached Mangus, the coach was “unsteady on his feet and he had a strong odor of alcoholic beverage coming from his person,’ the report stated.  When questioned by the officer, Mangus speech was slurred and he was ‘uncooperative in providing straight answers,’ the report stated. … he will face a $470 fine for the incident.”

Public urination?  Well, now I have to cave and say that is a bit amusing… even if it is at some poor guy’s excuse.  Mangus should have used the uromysitisis defense.

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