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Vandy’s Stallings With Hair… ‘Nuff Said

Growing old sucks.  There’s no two ways around it.  Wrinkles.  Weight.  Gray hair.  No hair.  Whatever the side effect, it blows.

Today, has posted a gallery — the oldest trick in the book for driving up pageviews — of well-known college basketball coaches.  Each man’s current appearance is displayed right beside a photo of the same man from yesteryear.  Some comparisons are more amusing than others, but none jump off the screen like the side-by-sides of Vanderbilt’s Kevin Stallings:





Stallings was downright Teshian in his day!  What a magnificent head of hair.

No story, just thought you’d want to see the photo.

(Keep clicking through the gallery at the link above and you’ll find a shot of Tom Izzo from what was apparently his John Oates phase.)

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UT’s “Swiperboy” Probably Isn’t Helping UT’s NCAA Case

When he’s not playing hoops or shaving designs into his hair — that photo is from The Knoxville News Sentinel — Tennessee basketballer Renaldo Woolridge is dropping tracks as a wannabe rap star.  Unfortunately, his latest video might drop him in a bit of NCAA trouble.

Eight hours after Tennessee lost to UConn on Saturday, Woolridge was given exclusive access to the upstairs floor of a Knoxville bar.  A source at the bar told The Sentinel that Woolridge was given use of the room for free.  And that could be considered an extra benefit by NCAA investigators.

Woolridge has played a total of 72 minutes in eight of UT’s 19 games this season.

Normally this type of thing would be a small issue.  But the NCAA is still investigating the University of Tennessee program for a number of issues.  A letter of allegations was expected in December, but now it looks like that letter won’t arrive in Knoxville until February at the earliest.  Woolridge’s secondary violation — if it turns out to be a violation — might now be added to the NCAA’s list of grievances (which will be aired on Festivus as tradition dictates).

Tennessee AD Mike Hamilton has repeatedly said that NCAA investigations into the Vols’ football and baseball programs turned up only secondary violations.  But in recent weeks, the NCAA has also learned that a number of Vol football players received free admission to another Knoxville bar as VIPs this summer.  Now the NCAA will hear of the Woolridge incident.  All this on top of the more serious violations committed by Bruce Pearl and his staff.  And the secondary violations already uncovered regarding football and baseball.

Now it’s possible the NCAA will still view the baseball, football and basketball issues as being separate.  And it’s possible that the NCAA will come down softly on the Vols for any “secondary” violations they find.


The NCAA appears to be getting more serious about secondary violations these days.  Tom Izzo was suspended for a game this season due to a secondary violation.  Houston Nutt was warned that he might be suspended as well… for a secondary violation.  Nutt said last week that the NCAA is trying to prevent coaches from routinely, intentionally violating secondary rules.

The worst outcome for Tennessee, of course, would be getting hit with the dreaded “lack of institutional control” charge.  While Hamilton doesn’t seem to think that’s a possibility, new violations — secondary or otherwise — certainly won’t help UT’s case.

Enjoy a previous Swiperboy track as you exit:

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UM Receives Warning As NCAA Gets Tough With Secondary Violations

The NCAA is getting tougher on crime.  College sports’ governing body is now threatening to hand out suspensions to coaches over recruiting violations that have to date been secondary violations in nature.

Michigan State basketball coach Tom Izzo had to sit out a game in December over a person that was hired to work at an MSU basketball camp.  Now Houston Nutt has been served with a warning.

Last September, Ole Miss sent written scholarship offers to seven high school juniors.  That’s a no-no.  The Rebel athletic department discovered and reported the matter to the NCAA.  The NCAA accepted UM’s self-imposed penalties.

But as Kyle Veazey of The Jackson Clarion-Ledger points out, the NCAA sent a warning to the school as well.

“… please note that future similar violations may result in more significant penalties, including suspension of coaching-related activities for one or more contests.”

Nutt doesn’t sound worried as he told The JCL that the violation was inadvertent.  “I think the NCAA knows where our heart was and where our mind was on this thing, and I feel good about what was said.”

“I’m on the rules committee, and I understand where we’re going with secondary violations and I agree 100 percent,” Nutt added.  “The coaches that are trying to get an advantage by doing secondary violations, they’re going to be punished.  There’s no question about it, and that’s the way it should be.”

(Click the headline for a closer look at the photo.)

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SEC Headlines – 12/22/10 Part One

1.  Nick Saban isn’t sure if he likes new NCAA rules that allow coaches to be suspended for secondary violations (as Tom Izzo was).

2.  Junior D-lineman Marcel Dareus says he’s not worrying about his draft status.

3.  Saban used the word “finish” nine times during a presser yesterday as he beat home the point that his team’s legacy “rests on how they finish the season.”

4.  Charvez Davis led the way as Alabama pulled away from Lipscomb 71-51 last night.

5.  The Auburn Tigers are conditioned to run with up-tempo Oregon.

6.  Like most championship teams, AU caught some breaks along the way this year.

7.  Tony Barbee’s basketball team ended a three-game losing streak by knocking off South Carolina-Upstate 68-54.

8.  Auburn’s deal with Under Armour pays the school $27.45 million over seven years.

9.  Arkansas isn’t awed by playing in a BCS bowl.  (As opposed to those teams that admit to being scared stiff.)

10.  Linebacker Jerry Franklin will likely lead the Razorbacks in tackling for the third straight season.

11.  John Pelphrey wants his team to cut out the turnovers.

12.  LSU’s Stevan Ridley has a special bond with his offensive line.

13.  Russell Shepard is half way through what he terms “a great career so far.”  Tiger fans might disagree.

14.  Texas A&M will have to find a way to deal with defensive linemen Drake Nevis and Pep Levingston in the Cotton Bowl.

15.  Former Tiger Johnny Jones will lead his North Texas club into Baton Rouge tonight.

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