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Saban The Film Critic Shares Alabama’s Five “Big Game” Movies

stock-footage-film-projector-dolly-shot-then-white-out-slow-motion-closeNick Saban isn’t the first coach to gather his team for a movie before a big game.  Just about everyone does it to a) keep the team together and players out of trouble before a game and b) provide a little last-minute motivation.  For that reason, Saban’s go-to flicks for big games — which he revealed yesterday — are all underdog-type movies:


“The players really like, ‘Cinderella Man,’ they like ‘Seabiscuit,’ they like ‘Secretariat,’ they like ‘Gladiator,’ and Tom Cruise being the samurai soldier, ‘The Last Samurai.’  Those are probably the five of the ones we’ve watched before big games that the players really, really like.  That’s kind of the go-to five.

The thing about it is you’ve got to wait about five years until everybody graduates.  Once you’ve seen them, you can’t show them over and over.”


Saban also said “Miracle,” the Kurt Russell movie about the 1980 US Olympic hockey team draws a positive response from his troops.  You might say he gives those films two thumbs up.

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Thought Of The Day – 2/1/13

Man, Fridays are fantastic.  Especially when I know I won’t be having to do our headlines Monday through Friday next week.  (God bless ya, Mike.)

This Friday, the first song off the MrSEC iPod needed a bit of editing.  So we’ve picked the clean version and dropped it in below.  “Tropic Thunder” fans, Tom Cruise fans, and Ludacris fans will know it immediately.  Gotta admit, the unedited version makes for a better morning wake-up, but this is a family (cyber)joint.


“See I caught him wit’ a right hook, caught him wit’ a jab.  Caught him with’ an uppercut, kicked him in his ass.”


Ludacris – Get Back


If those aren’t Friday lyrics what are?

News soon…

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