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How Long Will Weis Be At Florida?

Charlie Weis-to-Florida looks like the kind of big splash hire that excites ticket-buyers and recruits.  The man is a first-rate quarterbacks coach and a master at play-calling.

But is this a long-term fix for Will Muschamp and his Gator program?

There have been reports that Weis didn’t get along well with many of his players at Notre Dame.  There are some pundits who feel his offense is too complicated for college players.  Even Tony Barnhart of The AJC wonders if Weis is ready to take orders from a younger man.

Though Weis and Kansas City head coach Todd Haley have denied it, there are many rumors in NFL circles claiming that Weis and Haley (a younger man) did not see eye to eye.

If that’s true, then Florida might have been one of the few escape hatches open to Weis.  NFL coordinators who are under contract cannot be hired by rival teams unless the new team offers some sort of promotion.  Weis’ offensive coordinator options in the NFL, therefore, were likely the Chiefs… and the Chiefs.

If Florida — and the chance to be close to his son — helped him to jet freely from KC, more power to him.  And we believe it’s great for the Gators in the short term.

But moving forward, how long will Weis want to serve as an offensive coordinator at the college level?  The SEC is a top-tier conference and Weis will definitely be paid well, but it’s likely he still has eyes on either a) returning to the NFL or b) landing another shot as a college head coach.

Such is the soap opera of life in the SEC.

(Sidenote – The South Bend Tribune reports that Weis suggested Notre Dame hire Muschamp as its head coach in 2010 with Weis staying on for one year as ND’s offensive coordinator.  Notre Dame’s AD thought about it, but decided to chase Brian Kelly instead.)

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Weis Says There Was No Rift With KC’s Haley; Former ND Aide Joining Him At UF

Despite reports from across the NFL saying that he and head coach Todd Haley weren’t the best of buds, Kansas City offensive coordinator Charlie Weis says that’s not the case.

“I almost get offended when people say that.  People always want to look for a different angle for why you’re doing this (meaning: going to Florida).  … But this decision had absolutely zero to do with relationships in Kansas City.”

Instead, Weis told The Kansas City Star that he has become friends with new Gators’ coach Will Muschamp.  His son will also begin attending Florida next year and will serve as some type of assistant on the Gators’ staff while he’s in school.

“He wants to coach.  It took us very long to try to find a place where he could be involved with the football program in a student-assistant capacity.  When I finally did talk to Will, we chatted about that and then we talked about me.  I had to really reflect on that, spend time with my wife and Charlie (his son).  We talked about a whole bunch of thigns and at the end of the day, I don’t think anybody could understand how wonderful an opportunity it would be to be able to work at a place and see your kid on a daily basis.”

“It’s a tough business,” Weis said.  “To go to a program like Florida and be able to be around my kid at the same time… is almost a dream.”

Regardless of how or why Weis is moving to Gainesville, the Gators have landed a coordinator who has worked with Drew Bledsoe, Tom Brady, Brady Quinn, Jimmy Clausen and Matt Cassel. 

That history alone should put a smile on the faces of Gator fans and quarterback recruits.

Also, Muschamp and Weis have brought in former Notre Dame offensive line coach Frank Verducci.  Verducci will serve in the same capacity in Gainesville though he will also have the title of “run game coordinator.”

Muschamp has grabbed George Wynn from Texas as his director of football operations.

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