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Thought Of The Day – 1/25/13

Is it five o’clock yet?  Just a few short hours left in the work week.  Hope you make it through this final Friday of January without any hassles or hiccups.

Today’s thought of the day comes from the single best American band of the 1970s… and granted, that’s not saying a whole lot considering that period is best known for disco.  But the Eagles churned out hits like Detroit once churned out automobiles.  A perfect mix of country and pop rolled off their assembly line, one album after another.  There was even a Beatles-esque quality to the band.  Glenn Frey had the silky, smooth voice and an ear for perfect pop confections (a la Paul McCartney).  Don Henley had the slightly raspier voice, but he also wrote the deeper, more introspective lyrics (a la John Lennon).

Unfortunately, so many Eagles songs have been played repeatedly on classic rock stations that it’s almost instinctive to reach for the dial when the first notes of “Desperado” or “Life in the Fast Lane” commence.  Tip: Deep dive into some of the bands less played songs.  Like this one from their 1976 album, “Hotel California.”  Not as famous as the three top 20 hits from that album (the title track, “New Kid in Town,” and the aforementioned, “Life in the Fast Lane”), “Wasted Time” is the Eagles at their mournful best.

Frey stated years later on the liner notes of a greatest hits album that the song was the band’s attempt to mimic the sound of Philadelphia soul records with Henley playing the role of Teddy Pendergrass.  “Don’s singing abilities stretched so many of our boundaries.  He could sing the phone book.  It didn’t matter.”  Yes, he could.  And in this song you can detect the audio DNA of several future Henley hits that would appear on his blockbuster 1989 album, “The End of the Innocence.”


“And the hours go by like minutes and the shadows come to stay.  So you take a little something to make them go away.”


Eagles – Wasted Time


Brilliant.  Headlines and a recruiting update are on the way.

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