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UGA’s White: “Blood Is Definitely Going To Run Hot This Weekend”

Georgia tight end and team leader Aron White is fired up for Saturday’s game with Florida.  And from what he told Tim Tucker of The AJC, he knows the game will have its heated moments:

“People get a little tight during Florida week and that’s the way it’s always been.  That’s fans, players, staff, coaches, everybody.  Everybody just gets a little more serious during Florida week.  There’s not as much joking around.  That’s just across the board.  That’s everybody…

Blood is definitely going to run hot this weekend.  I’m sure at some point something will happen that everybody will say was uncalled for or the emotions got the best of us, whether it’s on their side or on our side.  We’ve both been caught doing some antics down there.  My freshman year we ran out on the field.  The year after that they had us blown ou by a pretty good lead and they started calling some timeouts late.  But all that’s out the window and it’s a new year and we’re going to come out and we’re going to play.  And while we didn’t forget those things, we’re going to focus on our gameplan and we’re going to need to because guys that get caught up in all that emotion usually lose.  It’s the players that stay focused and do what they do best, they usually win.”

The Gators won last year’s game 34-31 in overtime.  The three previous games — two Florida wins and one Georgia win — were decided by an average of 25 points.

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Basketball Investments Paying Off For UGA

Since 2007, the University of Georgia has sunk plenty of money into its basketball program:

* A new practice facility has been erected
* One coach was fired and a replacement hired
* Stegeman Coliseum has been given a facelift

And now those expenditures are paying dividends for the Dawgs.  As the Tim Tucker of The AJC points out, with a win over LSU tonight, Georgia will have gone from a 20-game loser just two seasons ago to a 20-game winner.  That’s a pretty good return on investment.

“There may be an institution — but I don’t know where it is — that in the last five years has made more of a commitment to its football and basketball programs than we have,” Georgia prez Michael Adams said last week.  “We are serious about being major players in all of our 21 sports, but in football and men’s basketball, we have a special interest because that is what pays the bills.”

Fans are responding — hoops attendance in Athens is up 20% over last year — and that will indeed help to pay some bills.

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Richt Makes It Clear He’s Staying At Georgia

According to Tim Tucker of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Mark Richt made it clear — again — on his radio show last night that he’s not interested in leaving Athens.

Prompted by a caller who asked Richt to “hang in with us, don’t leave us now,” the coach said: “I’m definitely going to do more than hang with Georgia.  Georgia is going to thrive, and Georgia is going to have a tremendous future ahead of us.  And I’m excited to be here.”

Perhaps UGA will “thrive” next year and beyond.  As we’ve written on a blue-million occasions, we here at MrSEC believe Richt is the right guy for Georgia and Dawg fans would be wise to hang on to him.

But if Richt goes 8-4 next year (or worse), will that same caller from last night’s program beg Richt to stay?  Or will he join the inevitable chorus of UGA fans who’ll be calling for Richt’s head?

Here at MrSEC Headquarters, we’ll file this story away and come back to it next season… just to see how things are working out on the “please stay” front.

Meanwhile, if Richt is to survive long-term in Athens, he’ll need to recruit hard in the state of Georgia.

“When you talk about in-state kids, that’s why I’ve been talking about this Georgia ‘Dream Team,’ this team of guys that I think are the best players int he state of Georgia,” Richt said.  “And I believe if they will stay in state and come together, we can prove to the United States of America that we have the best football in the country (in) the state of Georgia.  We need those Georgia kids to stay at home and do that thing for the Bulldogs, and I think everybody is going to get excited about that.”

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SEC: Division winners were unlikely titlists

Content provided by John Clay’s Sidelines.

SEC links for Monday:


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UGA’s Green Says He’s Not Made An NFL Decision Yet

Georgia receiver AJ Green is still debating whether or not to leave school early for the riches of the NFL.

According to Tim Tucker of The AJC, Green yesterday “mentioned the threat of an NFL lockout and his mother’s desire for him to get his college degree” as reasons to stay in Athens.  “On the other hand, he mentioned the risk of injury if he returns to school for his senior season.”

“I’m not going to make that decision right yet,” Green said.  He also added that in the end, “you’ve got to do what is best for you.”

So much for that talk of Green “owing” Georgia fans another year due to his suspension.

In fairness to Green, football players have a short lifespan in the game.  If a player can go and lock up millions — and it’s likely Green would be a top 10 if not top five pick — then he should probably do it.

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