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ESPN’s Palmer: MSU’s Prescott Is The Best Running QB Mullen Has Coached

gfx - by the numbersBetter than Tim Tebow?  Better than Alex Smith?

According to ESPN analyst and former Florida quarterback Jesse Palmer, Mississippi State’s Dan Mullen has never coached a better running quarterback than the guy he’s got now:


“He’s the best running quarterback that Dan Mullen’s ever coached.  Yeah, that includes Alex Smith, who was the #1 pick overall.  That includes Tim Tebow…

The escapability, you don’t have to block everybody in order for him to give you the explosive play.  He makes this offense better in the red zone a lot like Tim Tebow and Alex Smith.”


When healthy, Prescott did make the Bulldogs’ offense tougher to prepare for thanks to his legs.  That much can’t be debated.  It also can’t be debated that both Tebow and Smith had more talent around them (or in Smith’s case played a lesser schedule) during their collegiate careers.  Still, the “big play” talk got us to wondering…

Below are the rushing numbers for each QB mentioned by Palmer.  Let’s see how Prescott stacks up.  We’ll look only at seasons in which the quarterbacks in question topped the 100-carry mark:


  Quarterback   Rushes   Yards   Yds/Carry   TDs
  Prescott, MSU 2013   111   722   6.5   10
  Smith, Utah 2004   135   631   4.6   10
  Tebow, Florida 2007   210   895   4.3   23
  Tebow, Florida 2009   217   910   4.2   14
  Tebow, Florida 2008   176   673   3.8   12
  Smith, Utah 2003   149   452   3.0   5


Tebow was a battering ram.  Prescott is a scrambler.  Smith was somewhere between the two.  All three QBs played in the same system, but all three were used a bit differently.  Still, a look at the numbers does suggest Prescott is more capable of big plays and escapes than the other two greats coached by Mullen.

Perhaps that’s one reason he finished among the SEC’s 10 best rushers this past season.

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SEC Headlines 12/7/2013

headlines-saturdaySEC Championship Game

1. Like his counterpart today, Gus Malzahn, Missouri coach Gary Pinkel could be headed for a significant boost to his salary.

2. Before hiring Boise State’s Chris Peterson, the A.D. at Washington spoke with the agent for Pinkel ”a few times.”

3. No Friday walk through at the Georgia Dome for Missouri due to travel delays caused by bad weather.

4. Quite a matchup today with Auburn’s running game facing Missouri’s defensive line.

5. Bernie Miklasz: “If this game is to be settled in the space where the biggest bodies collide, I like Mizzou’s chances.”

6. Missouri’s lone loss came against South Carolina.Auburn spent a lot of time watching that tape.

7. “If Auburn has one clear advantage over Mizzou it might be on special teams.”

8. MrSEC: “This one should be fun to watch and the winner should (but probably won’t) get a BCS Championship Game bid.”

SEC/College News

9. Tennessee offensive lineman Antonio “Tiny” Richardson will leave school early and enter the NFL draft.

10. South Carolina’s bowl destination? “The Cotton Bowl would like to invite South Carolina, but it’s unsure whether the Gamecocks will be available.”

11. Stewart Mandel: “The Buckeyes’ schedule isn’t just bad; it’s historically bad.”

12. RIP BCS.  ”The Bowl Championship Series, age 16, dies Dec. 8.”

13. It’s been a good year for former Phillip Fulmer assistants at Tennessee.

14. Bowling Green – coached by former Tennessee assistant Dave Clawson – upset Northern Illinois Friday night.  That victory has BCS implications.

15. Scott Rabalais:  ”If both FSU and Ohio State falter? Knock … knock … knock. That’s No. 4 Alabama rapping at the door.”


16. Tim Tebow and the SEC Network? ”If he would like to give up his football dreams, I think anybody would want to talk to Tim Tebow.”

17. SEC Network will have traveling football pre-game show hosted by ESPN’s Joe Tessitore.

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Time For A&M’s Manziel To Learn Everything Comes With A Price

0107-johnny-manziel-3Slick ride.  Nice trips.  Pricey tickets to top sporting events.

If your parents have money, it stands to reason that you might have a few more shiny toys and behind-the-red-rope opportunities than the next guy.  And as it turns out, Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel comes from a family with plenty of cash to burn.

When the quarterback’s front-row seats to an NBA game became a national topic of conversation last December, Manziel tweeted that he’s bought himself “a little birthday present” with his own cash.

When it made national news that he was tooling around college station in a Mercedes-Benz back in March, “his folks have cash” was the quick response from Aggie fans.

Manziel’s parents do have cash and Manziel does like to spend it.  Nothing unusual about that.  Not every college kid has family money to blow, but they all like to spend whatever they have.  Hey, I’ve been there.

Manziel’s high-profile, celebrity lifestyle has even forced A&M’s compliance staff to work overtime to make sure their star player isn’t stepping across any NCAA boundaries.  In April, the Heisman-winner sounded altogether sick and tired of having to answer those compliance workers’ questions:


“They keep sending me questionnaires like, ‘How did I got to the Spurs game?’  Even though I’ve been going to Spurs games since I moved to Kerrville when I was in seventh grade.  A good family friend who we’ve known since before I every thought of playing college football has a suite there.  We’re going to go to the suite and we’re just gonna watch the game.  I know (Spurs’ star) Tony Parker on a personal level and if I go down to say hello, I’m not doing anything wrong.

They keep sending me questionnaires asking me who’s funding the trip?  Who’s doing this?  Every time I respond back, ‘ME, ME and ME’ in capital letters.  Hey, I don’t mean to sound rude, but this is stuff I’ve always done, and I know you’re just doing your job, but it gets to you every now and again.”


Enough so that you eventually announce you’re giving up Twitter.  Only to get back on Twitter.  And tweet the following this weekend:


“Bull**** like tonight is a reason why I can’t wait to leave college station…whenever it may be”


From the outside looking in, it appears that Manziel — like all those other college kids out there — has yet to learn that there’s a price for everything.

I got my first job while I was still in school.  I made a whopping $17,000 that year.  Yet I lived rather comfortably thanks to the magic of credit cards.  Eventually, I learned that while money and credit can be thrown around for fun… there will be a price to pay at some point.  Sometimes I’d blow cash on wants and not have enough to pay for my needs.  Then I’d turn to the card, take care of the needs only to have to deal with an ever-growing bill at the first of the next month.

Everything comes with a price.  It can be a monetary price — as I and many young kids have learned — or the price could be a loss of anonymity — as Manziel is finding out.

Not many 20-somethings get invited onto the late-night talkshow circuit, hang with sports stars at ballgames, or pal around with pop icons.  Manziel gets to and, quite naturally, wants to.

But there’s a cost.

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A&M’s Manziel On Tebow: “I Would Hope I’m A Better Passer”

gfx - they said itTexas A&M celebrity (and quarterback) Johnny Manziel popped up on ESPN’s “First Take” with Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith earlier this week and the topic of another Heisman-winning quarterback from the SEC was broached.  Bayless asked Manziel point blank, “How much better of a passer are you than Tim Tebow?”

Manziel’s response:


“You put me on the spot.  I would hope I’m a better passer than Tim Tebow, that way I wouldn’t have to go into an offseason and work on a lot of mechanics because as a redshirt freshman I tried to work on that before I got to a position where I would be questioned about that…

He’s a great dude, a great person and he deserves this chance he is getting in the NFL (with the New England Patriots).  As far as being a starting quarterback in the NFL, I don’t know if it really suits him.”


A better answer?  “Tim Tebow has a tremendous legacy in the SEC and a winning record in the NFL.  I hope to someday join him in the NFL, but for now I’m focused on the 2013 season.”

Problem is, Manziel never seems to be focused on the 2013 season.  When he’s not throwing out the first pitch of a baseball game he’s hanging out at the NBA finals.  When he’s not at the NBA finals he’s kicking it with Skip and Stephen A.  Or meeting other celebs.  Or having fun at the beach.

Now, none of that might make a lick of difference come fall.  With his mobility, Manziel is an electrifying player to watch.  And there’s no reason a college kid shouldn’t be able to enjoy himself.

But if A&M’s pop star does struggle a bit more in 2013 than he did in 2012, a lot of people will point to the fact that since January we’ve all seen more of “Johnny Football!” than we have of Johnny Manziel.

Ironically, while there’s always a media frenzy around Tebow, the ex-Florida quarterback has done less of the celeb thing since 2006 than Manziel has done in the past six months.

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Writer: A&M’s Manziel Needs To Improve Before Jumping To The NFL

johnny-manziel-holds-ball-smilesThis offseason has already turned into a season of hype for Texas A&M’s returning Heisman-winner, Johnny Manziel.  The shifty redshirt sophomore quarterback has become a staple of “SportsCenter” and an internet star.  Talkshows, trick shot passing videos, big game tickets… you name it and you’ve probably seen Manziel attached to it.

But one writer in the Lone Star State believes the Flutie-esque star needs to do a bit of improving on the field before he decides to jump early to the NFL next spring (something most expect him to do).  Kevin Sherrington of The Dallas Morning News writes:


“… it may be time to tap the brakes on Johnny Football’s rocketing career. Maybe no college football player ever has come so far, so fast.

For a guy who likes to run as much as he does, he needs to get bigger and stronger. He also needs to refine his passing, especially downfield. One of the reasons Ryan Swope’s blistering time in the 40 surprised so many at the combine was because he spent so much time catching shorter passes underneath. Manziel couldn’t find him deep. He improved over the course of the season, but it remains a work in progress, as it would with any college quarterback with only one year as a starter.

Tim Tebow has pretty much proved that you can’t make it in the NFL on legs alone. Manziel’s a better passer than Tebow already, but not as good as Robert Griffin III, who benefited greatly at Baylor from what was essentially his third year as a starter. Johnny Football no doubt could, too.”


Sherrington is correct, of course.  One tremendous college season does not a pro career make.  Plenty of “unstoppable” college QBs from Tebow to Vince Young have had trouble translating their talents from the amateur ranks to the professional.  So it would only make sense for Manziel to continue to hone his skills.  Wisely, he’ll spend part of his offseason working with quarterback guru George Whitfield Jr.  And on today’s Dan Patrick radio show Manziel suggested he might not be a lock to leave early.

As for his ability to improve his long ball skills, the benefits can go beyond the field.


Nike baseball – chicks dig the long ball



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Driskel Shines For Florida; Arkansas Thumps Kentucky

Florida 31 – Vanderbilt 17

1. Jeff Driskel broke Tim Tebow’s single-game rushing record by a quarterback at Florida with 177 yards.

2. Florida overcame several injuries to beat Vanderbilt.

3. The Gators are winning games this season that they were losing a year ago.

4. Vanderbilt must be kicking itself over mistakes it made against Florida, writes David Climer.

Arkansas 49 – Kentucky 7

5. Arkansas dominated Kentucky in a game shorted by the weather.

6. Freshman Jonathan Williams backed up a prediction that he would score against Kentucky.

7. Arkansas is showing improvement with back-to-back wins in the SEC.

8. Kentucky is winless in the SEC with a 1-6 record. How can Joker Phillips survive this?

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SEC Headlines – 8/13/12

1.  Will Muschamp doesn’t want Jacoby Brissett or Jeff Driskel to worry about replacing Tim Tebow.  (Shouldn’t they be worried about replacing John Brantley, anyway?)

2.  Seven Georgia walk-ons have been put on scholarship… and two may wind up starting.

3.  At Kentucky, Maxwell Smith still appears to lead Morgan Newton for the starting quarterback job.

4.  Yesterday was Fan Day at South Carolina and, oh, how times have changed.

5.  This writer says Arkansas’ program should serve as a role model for Tennessee’s football team.

6.  Vanderbilt’s defense gets veteran leadership from Colt Nichter and Rob Lohr.

7.  Quarterback James Franklin is Missouri’s main man.

8.  Nick Saban is looking for special young players for his special teams units.

9.  Auburn’s defense is “on a good pace” under new coordinator Brian VanGorder.

10.  Tiger signee JaQuay Williams is still waiting for the NCAA to give him academic clearance.

11.  Arkansas coaches still haven’t decided when to let Knile Davis start taking hits.

12.  Zach Mettenberger put up some decent numbers during a weekend scrimmage at LSU.

13.  For the first time ever, Mississippi State’s assistant football coaches will make more than $2 million.  (To put that in perspective, former offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn made $1.3 million by his lonesome last year at Auburn.)

14.  After a quick bout of homesickness, defensive back Xavier Grindle returned to Starkville yesterday and MSU’s team yesterday.

15.  Co-defensive coordinator Dave Wommack says his squad has gotten a lot of turnovers in fall camp.  (So is that a plus for the defense or a minus for the offense?)

16.  Texas A&M’s new quarterback is going to need some help from an improved Aggie defense.

UPDATE — The Lone Star State is now opening up to SEC schools thanks to A&M’s switch in conferences.

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SEC Headlines 7/7/2012

1. Isaiah Crowell and Alabama State: “There’s a fine line between acceptable and dangerous risks.”

2. Former Auburn running back Michael Dyer may never play at Arkansas State but he’s already had an impact at Gus Malzahn’s program.

3. Georgia coaches Mark Richt and Mark Fox: “The pair are unusually close, and talk often, whether it’s about their jobs or smaller stuff.”

4. The one player John L. Smith would most like to clone at Arkansas - it’s not who you think.

5. Why Arkansas at South Carolina is a top 10 game on the SEC schedule this fall.

6. With Mizzou and Texas A&M now in the fold, the focus shifts to improving the TV schedule, especially late in the season.

7. A new conference for the Tigers but an old rivalry still captures headlines.

8. What does Florida need to win the SEC East? “The Gators don’t need their quarterback to be Andrew Luck to win the division, but they need significant improvement over what they had there since Tim Tebow left town. ”

9. Kentucky defensive coordinator Rick Minter previews the 2012 defense.

10. Andy Staples on the value of a highly-prized recruit: “How many scholarships would Tim Tebow have been worth? Cam Newton? Ndamukong Suh? All players aren’t created equal. Some are worth far more than others.”

11. An upgrade to the gameday atmosphere is on schedule at South Carolina.

12. Ole Miss punter and former NCAA punting champion Tyler Campbell looks to regain his form.

13. The Dominican National Basketball Team is one win away from the Olympics.  John Calipari is their coach.


14. The dangers of turning over your athletic department to a billionaire donor – T. Boone Pickens and Oklahoma State.

15. A new report on the Jerry Sandusky investigation could be made public next week – “expected to be tough on Paterno.”

16. The Big East remains the only Big Six conference without a high-profile bowl game tie.

17. A casualty of the Internet age – baseball card collecting is a dying hobby.

18. One million pushups in a year.

19. 100 things to eat in Memphis before you die.


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Muschamp Defends Meyer At UF, But We’re Not Buying His Argument

File this one under: What’s he supposed to say?

At a Gator booster club gathering last night, Florida football coach Will Muschamp took up for the man who preceded him in Gainesville.  When a UF fan asked him about The Sporting News’ recent hit job on Urban Meyer — a Matt Hayes-penned piece claiming the coach lost control of the program, allowed drug use to take place, and played favorites when it came to discipline – the current Gator coach said of the former Gator coach:

“I think Urban Meyer did a great job at the University of Florida.  He won two conference championships.  He won two national championships.  And I don’t know how you can do that without discipline.  That’s my opinion.  I wasn’t here at that time, but I know that I am very proud to be part of a program that he was a part of, and he did a great job at Florida.”

Muschamp has said the right things about Meyer before.  Last year at SEC Media Days he said that Meyer had been “first class” and that he’d listened to his predecessor’s advice “more than anyone else.”

The closest he’s come to really saying anything that could even be slightly construed as negative toward Meyer’s regime was last October when he said UF lacked the players to install a power running game.

Facts, however, are facts.  Muschamp can talk all he likes about UF having discipline under Meyer, but when he booted star corner Janoris Jenkins after two quick pot arrests last spring, the player said he’d still be on the team if his old coach were still around.

So if Meyer had discipline, it’s safe to say — based on Jenkins’ comments — that Muschamp is trying to instill even more into the Florida program.

And while discipline issues can indeed destroy a team that needs a mix of chemistry and talent to win, an uber-talented team can win with thugs, miscreants and rule-breakers on the roster.  See: Miami Hurricanes, 1980-90s.  Many wins and titles.  Many arrests and embarrassments.

Florida had a once-in-a-generation talent in Tim Tebow surrounded by a fleet of 4- and 5-star prospects for four of Meyer’s six years in Gainesville.  But the success he had on the field with that player and that roster don’t prove by any stretch that the coach actually maintained discipline off the football field.

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Writer: Spurrier Is Still The Top Gator Over Meyer… And He’s Right

Steve Spurrier won a Heisman Trophy as a player at Florida.  He then returned to his alma mater and made the Gator program one of the top five jobs in America.

But when Urban Meyer hoisted his second BCS crystal football in 2008, there were some who said the Gators newest coach had surpassed the older coach.

George Diaz of The Orlando Sentinel says a bit more time has proven that that was just not the case:

“Even now, as head coach at South Carolina, Spurrier channels the profile of the Perfect Gator: A blend of cockiness and charisma.  A man who embraces all the darts and arrows.  A man who loves to pile on, just because.  What’s not to love?

This is why Spurrier — years after leaving — will forever be king of Florida football, while Urban Meyer is a bit like the emperor with no clothes.

Sure the two national titles are fancy ornaments on his resume, but Meyer’s legacy will forever be tarnished by the rest of his “accomplishments.”  In simpler terms, he was nothing more than a hired mercenary who did his job, got sloppy, bored and disinterested, and helped dismantle a program he helped rebuild into a national power.”

Too strong?  Not in my view.  Spurrier tapped into the recruiting base of the Sunshine State like no other coach in Gator history.  His personality — as well as his play-calling — gained the UF program national recognition.

All that has come since — whether it was won by Meyer or will be won by Muschamp — can be traced back to the moment Spurrier took a good Florida program often bathed in scandal and made it a great football program with a clean record.

While Meyer won, he didn’t leave things in as good of order as he found it.  Tim Tebow — as we’ve written many times — was a once in a generation type of player who happened to pass through on his watch.  And scandals and arrests and drama and turmoil returned to Gainesville on Meyer’s watch as well.

Meyer has one more national title than Spurrier, but without Spurrier first laying the foundation, it’s doubtful Meyer would have accomplished nearly as much as he did in the roughneck SEC.

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