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Ex-Coach Nutt Weighs In On Arkansas Situtation

Former Arkansas and Ole Miss football coach Houston Nutt made an appearance on Tim Brando’s radio show yesterday.  Not surprisingly, he was asked for his take on the decision facing Jeff Long — hire now or hand it the UA job to an interim for a year:

“Arkansas is a good job.  It’s a hard job, but it’s a good job. … I don’t know exactly what’s going on and you hear different rumors about (Long) going out to go get a big-name coach, which he probably could do.  But the problem is the timing.  The timing of everything now, as you know, it’s right here in the middle of April.  Most coaches are getting ready to finish up a spring game and get ready for recruiting in May and all of these things.  It makes everything very tough.  The interim position, there’s been talk of Tim Horton, who is a former Razorback, who has held recruiting together.  I know when we left he did an unbelievable job there of keeping all the recruits there at home.  So there’s been talk about him, what people have told me…

If you keep the interim, if you keep a coach there an you’re talking about now taking over the responsibility of being the voice, being the face, talking to the media, and your time is divvied up, it’s almost better if you ahead and say, ‘I’m going to hire another coach to take my spot and now I’m going to concentrate on being the manager.  On gameday I’m going to be the face.  I’m really going to take care of and get close to these players and take care of the media.”

That, of course, ties back to what we wrote just a few hours ago suggesting that UA promote an interim from withing and then hand a grad assistant some of the duties currently held by the coach being promoted.

Nutt also said that his heart went out to Arkansas players and fans in their time of hurting.  Yeah, I’ll bet.

As for possible big-name hires for the Hogs, how ’bout this name that was just tossed into the ring by an Arkansas sportswriter yesterday — ex-Kansas coach Mark Mangino.

Make cracks all you like, the guy won games at Kansas.  In football. 

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