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Bama’s McCarron And LSU’s Mathieu Trash Tweet

If there’s anything more useless than trash talking its trash tweeting.  But trash tweeting — albeit some pretty tame stuff — was what occurred yesterday between Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron and LSU cornerback, Heisman-candidate Tyrann Mathieu.

According to, though many/all of the tweets have now been removed, here’s what the two players posted toward one another:


Mathieu:  “@AJMcCarron everybody have a good game every now and then try having a great season back 2 back 2 BACK! DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIP NOT YOU.”

McCarron:  “@TM7 Era Ur right the TEAM.. That’s how we play as a TEAM.. We stick together though our losses and wins.  #thatswhatmakesusgreat #wehave14

Mathieu:  “@AJMcCarron you have 1, THE school has 14! you play your part well thanks to great coaching! but anyways we’ll talk nov 3rd!”

McCarron:  “Bama fans don’t talk anymore ab it.  Let’s just sit back quietly and wait our turn.  Y’all know the date.  It’s comin. #november3rd #bama nation”

Mathieu:  “highly favored in DEATH VALLEY!”


Uh, yeah.  Riveting stuff.

And if you’d like to see just how much damage Twitter and texting have done to the English language, take a gander at this letter written just 151 years ago.  In today’s Twitter parlance that would appear as:


“@Sarah.. dont mourn me dead.. ima ghost for you.. CUL8R. #honorablemanhood.”


And despite the fact that I’m an old fuddy-duddy who loathes Twitter, you should join the nearly 31,000 peeps who currently follow us there!

As for the McCarron/Mathieu tweet battle, here’s hoping Bama/LSU 2012 lives up to their June, social media hype.

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