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A&M Prez Loftin Commits A Secondary NCAA Violation

r-bowen-loftin-bowtie-thumbs-upWhy R. Bowen Loftin, you cad.

The Bryan-College Station Eagle has obtained documents from Texas A&M showing that Loftin — the school’s president — “inadvertently committed a secondary NCAA infraction by tweeting a top football recruit.”  It is a secondary NCAA violation: “A member institution shall not publicize (or arrange for publicity of) a prospective student-athlete’s visit to the institution’s campus.”

In June Loftin tweeted “Enjoyed meeting you yesterday during your visit to #TAMU” to 16-year-old tight end prospect Jordan Davis.  Davis, a 6-4, 250-pound tight end prospect, replied: “Yessir it was nice meeting you #gig’em.”

David Baston, the head of Texas A&M’s compliance department, said that Loftin was unaware of the rule.  His tweet was soon deleted and reported at Loftin’s request.  Baston said: “(Loftin) takes compliance very seriously.  He took it very well (when told of his mistake).  He said, ‘Well, write me up.  Report me.  I messed up.’”

Being a stand-alone, secondary violation, no penalty is expected to be handed down by the NCAA.

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Source: Manziel – Suspended Before The 2012 Season – Nearly Transferred From A&M

johnny-manziel-holds-ball-smilesHere’s one for you fans of alternate history novels.  If Johnny Manziel hadn’t been quarterbacking Texas A&M last year, would the Aggies have had any chance of going 11-2?  Would A&M be recruiting quite so well right now?  Would Aggie fans have been as happy with their SEC move had their team suffered through a .500-ish season (as most had predicted last summer)?  Would the Aggies have upset Alabama in Tuscaloosa?  Would the Heisman Trophy ever go to a freshman?  Heck, who would have been sitting courtside at all those NBA games and throwing out all those first pitches at baseball games this offseason?

And so on.

Well, according to a source speaking with SportsDay, a website run by The Dallas Morning News, that alternate reality almost became plain ol’ reality last offseason.  Over the summer of 2012, Manziel was arrested in College Station’s bar district.  He was initially suspended by TAMU and “would have felt it was necessary to transfer” had the suspension not been overturned on appeal.  The athletic department had nothing to do with the suspension or its reversal.  According to the paper, it was the dean of student life who ruled in the quarterback’s favor.

The arrest has been public knowledge.  The supension/transfer/reversal is the new information.  Head coach Kevin Sumlin has said that he wound up imposing his own discipline on the QB for the arrest.

Manziel was arrested for misdemeanors of fighting, failure to identify and possession of fake IDs last June 29th.

Fans being fans, we’re certain many an Aggie-backer will convince himself that A&M would have been just fine without Manziel.  But the reality is — if the source is correct — Texas A&M was thisclose to entering the 2012 season without the player who wound up taking the college football world by storm.  And it’s unlikely the Aggies’ entry into the SEC would have gone near as smoothly without him.

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Yo, Aggie Fans, You Can’t Complain About ‘Horn Fans If You Act Like ‘Em

Since Texas A&M joined the SEC, Aggie-backers have told tale upon tale of the evils of the Texas Longhorns.  Their athletics program, their network, their fans.

A few Horns have, of course, also come to our site to post attacks against A&M, as well.  To be blunt, it all seems really quite silly.

But Aggie fans will need to pipe down a bit about Texas fans if they were behind a string of pro-TAMU messages recently spray-painted across the University of Texas’ campus in Austin.  We say if because when a pro-A&M taunt aimed at Florida appeared in billboard form in Gainesville back in September, Aggie fans immediate claimed it had to be the work of a Texas fan who wanted to make A&M look bad.  The school itself tracked down the person(s) behind the board and had it taken down, but the school never released — to my knowledge — any information about who actually posted that billboard.

And if it had really been a Texas fan or booster group behind the sign, we’re guessing A&M officials would have pointed that out pretty dang quickly.

At any rate, the messages left on the campus of the Big XII’s UT included such Aggie-centric phrases as “Howdy,” “gig ‘em,” “farmer’s fight,” “atm” and, of course, “SEC.”

One message also read, “Do you miss us yet?”

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Reporter: LSU’s Peterson Did Have A Relationship With Lyles

Yesterday, ESPN reported that former Texas A&M assistant coach Van Malone claimed that Willie Lyles — a reputed street agent already being investigated for his dealings with Oregon — had told him that A&M would have to pay $80,000 if it wanted to sign Patrick Peterson.

Peterson eventually signed with and starred at LSU.  Peterson and his father said they had no connection with Lyles during Peterson’s high school years.

Peterson also told a reporter that he never even visited Texas A&M.  But that part isn’t true.  In 2007, Patrick Johnson — as he was known then — did visit A&M and Brian Perroni wrote a story about the visit for, the Rivals site that covers A&M athletics.

On August 6th, 2007, Peterson is quoted as having said: “I visited Texas A&M the other day.  My dad and I were in Houston visiting one of his friends and he suggested that we go look at A&M.”

And now Matt Hinton of Yahoo! Sports has brought attention to this tweet posted yesterday by Perroni, the man who wrote that 2007 story:

Here is a story I wrote on Peterson visit to #TAMU 3 yrs ago.  I confirmed at time the “friend” was Will Lyles. 

He then includes the link to the story linked above.

Your move, Petersons.

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