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Saban Clarifies His Comment About Newton

You knew it was coming.

As soon as Broncos VP John Elway said in an interview that Nick Saban had told him Auburn would have won just four games had Cam Newton not been the Tigers’ quarterback last year, we at knew a firestorm would follow.  Would Saban’s comments be taken as a compliment toward Newton?  Of course not.  They would be taken as an insult to the rest of AU’s BCS title-winning team.

And they were.  So Saban clarified his comments yesterday.

“What I said was it was a compliment to Cam Newton, certainly not a disrespect to Auburn and their team and what they accomplished because they had an outstanding team, they’re national champs, they did a great job,” Bama’s coach said.

“I said that they probably won four games because Cam Newton was the quarterback, four more games.  So that was what I said.  I don’t know what was reported, I haven’t seen it.  And it was really intended to be a compliment to him, the great competitor he was and the way he played this year.  He probably impacted his team as much as any player in the country, and it was really intended to be a compliment about Cam Newton’s great performance and winning the Heisman Trophy.”

Think Saban will be having any more “private” conversations with Elway?  Whether the Hall of Famer misinterpreted Saban’s comments or revealed his actual critique, by quoting Alabama’s coach he forced him to go before the media and toss even more praise in the direction of Auburn and Newton.  You can be sure he really enjoyed doing that.

How silly all of this is.  Especially when Saban’s intial comments were clearly aimed at praising the value of Newton.

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Saban Talks LSU, Auburn

You don’t often hear Nick Saban talk about teams that lie more than a week ahead on Alabama’s schedule.  But yesterday — in discussing the Tide’s next opponent, LSU — he spoke a bit about the team that’s on pace to roll into the Iron Bowl undefeated at the end of the month.

Asked if his team could take anything away from Auburn’s impressive rushing performance against LSU’s defense, Saban said:

“It is a unique style that they have because (of Cameron Newton’s) runs and what they can do with the outstanding player that they have at that position.  That’s not conventional.  A couple of big plays really contributed to those numbers in terms of what they gave up.  From our standpoint, we discount it because that’s not really our style.

“We don’t have that kind of quarterback.  We don’t have that kind of offense.”

So Saban can’t simply copy what Auburn did against LSU two weeks ago.  And the day after Thanksgiving, he’ll have to prevent Auburn from doing unto him what it did unto LSU.

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