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Irony Of Ironies: Records Of Petrino’s Calls And Texts Released

About five years ago many Arkansas fans wanted rid of Houston Nutt.  Someone did a Freedom of Information Act hunt of his phone records.  It was learned that he’d been sending an awful lot of texts back and forth with an Arkansas-based television anchorwoman.  That info made its way to the press as part of a smear on Nutt.

So Nutt left and Bobby Petrino was brought in to save the Razorback football program. 

He did.  He brought big wins, a BCS bowl and millions of dollars to the school.  But apparently Petrino didn’t think the whole “using a state-owned cell phone” thing applied to anyone but his predecessor.

Yesterday — thanks again to the Freedom of Information Act — it was learned that Petrino and Jessica Dorrell exchanged more than 4,300 texts and almost 300 phone call over the last seven months. 

According to, some of the texts included picture and video files.  Uh-oh.

In Nutt’s case many Arkansas fans were outraged that their coach was texting a woman right before the kickoff of a Citrus Bowl game in which he was coaching.  Well, turns out Petrino was also sending gameday texts to Dorrell. 

To quote “Airplane 2″… “Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes.”

What we have is a case of a football coach feeling that he’s truly unbeatable.  It would take a team of sociologists to determine the point at which a man receives so much praise that he begins to believe he is invincible, but that surely looks to be the situation here.

Petrino went for a ride on his motorcycle — with no helmet — with a 25-year-old honey wrapped around him.  In other words, he wasn’t worried about any fellow motorists seeing the head coach of the University of Arkansas football team and asking, “Hey, who’s the girl?”

Then — having not learned any lesson from the recent Jim Tressel and Bruce Pearl sagas — he tried to go the cover-up route.

Finally, Petrino paid no mind to the fact that the last Arkansas football coach wound up in the news because he sent umpteen texts to a woman who wasn’t his wife via his official UA cellphone. 

That’s awfully reckless behavior for someone making more than three million bucks per year.

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