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Tennessee To Bust Out The Gray Uniforms Again

tennessee-grey-playingWhen Tennessee announced in the preseason that it would be breaking out a new all-gray uniform in 2013, the plan was to wear the ensemble once.  The Vols did where it once… in an overtime loss to Georgia.

Now they’re going with the “Smokey Gray” uni again and you can bet more than a few Volunteer fans will be upset.  Do it once, and it’s a change o’ pace recruiting ploy.  Do it twice and the hardliners will say that the school’s traditional colors (orange and white) are being left behind.

First-year Vol coach Butch Jones says his team made the call to bring back the uniforms for Senior Night against Vanderbilt this week.  “It was their decision.”  He also said that switching unis is not “a big deal,” which in and of itself will be seen as a big deal by the traditionalists in the UT fanbase.

We’ve said it before, but this whole craze toward multiple uniforms has gotten ridiculous.  It’s now impossible to flip past a game and know exactly who is playing.  From Tennessee’s gray to Duke’s black to Maryland’s comic book look to Northwestern’s bloody flag attire (ya know, the flag is not supposed to be part of a sports uniform) to Oregon’s… well, whatever the hell Oregon wears from week to week.

Look, the recruiting angle makes sense.  But taking it too far is a bad thing.  And it’s currently such a bad thing that you’d better believe fans of tomorrow will someday look back at the garish mix-and-match numbers of college football today in the same way we look back at the nonsensical designs sported by Major League Baseball teams in the 1970s.  Polyester pullovers with shorts, anyone?

This uniform silliness has become an epidemic.  It’s awful all over.

But in the case of Tennessee, specifically, take a good look at their grays this weekend.  If the Volunteers fall to 0-2 in those threads — including a home loss to Vanderbilt — you’ll never ever see them again.


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