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L’affaire Kouandjio Rolls On

According to The Tuscaloosa News, five-star offensive lineman Cyrus Kouandjio is still weighing his options when it comes to his collegiate home.  Auburn (whom he committed to on signing day), Alabama and Iowa are the finalists.  That’s according to the player’s father.

“He’s still confused,” Jean Claude Kouandjio told the paper late yesterday.  “We keep talking with him.  I don’t think he’s ready yet.  He’s the one who wants more time.”

The player told The Washington Post yesterday that New Mexico is back in the race and Iowa is out.

There is currently no timetable for Kouandjio’s decision though his father said, “I’m hoping that it will be as soon as possible.”  Even the much-discussed family vote that was planned for Thursday failed to produce a final decision.  “I told him to go to school, quiet his mind, forget about it… and we will talk about it after school,” the elder Kouandjio said.

Kouandjio’s coach told The Tuscaloosa News that the player did speak with Gene Chizik yesterday.  “They had a conversation and Cyrus said the he just wasn’t ready to make the decision yet.”  The Washington Post has reported that the player also spoke with Nick Saban yesterday.

While Kouandjio struggles with his decision, fans of UA and AU continue to campaign in website comment boxes across the internet. 

“Blood is thicker than water,” say most Bama fans, referring to Kouandjio’s older brother, Arie, who is already on Alabama’s team.  (For the record, the father has said, “The best thing would be to go to his brother.  His brother is already on the field.  We know about the coaches.  We know about Alabama.”)

Many Auburn fans — writing as if Kouandjio is actually reading their remarks — are complaining that the young man isn’t being allowed to make up his own mind.  “Auburn is the place for you.”

What’s silly, of course, is that for all we know New Mexico would actually be the best fit for the young man.  When it comes to recruiting, we look only at on-field football results (through our own lenses) when we decide what’s right for a high schooler.

But the player is not only picking a football team, he’s picking a place to live, a school, a support staff, and a launching pad for his future. 

The only thing more bizarre than Kouandjio’s delay is the “I know what’s best for you” remarks being made by Southern football fans who know not one solitary thing about the player… other than the fact that he’s got five stars beside his name.

(Sidenote — Kouandjio told one website that 2,500 text messages were sent to his phone yesterday.  Ridiculous.)

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