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Waltrip To Run An Auburn Paint Scheme At Talledega, By God

For those of you planning to watch Sunday’s Aaron’s 499 NASCAR race from Talledega, be prepared to see the Auburn Tigers well represented.  Michael Waltrip’s #15 Aaron’s Toyota will be sporting AU’s colors and logo in honor of the Tigers’ BCS championship.

The folks at NASCAR aren’t passing on the chance to sell some extra racin’ gear to Auburn fans, either.  Everything from caps to t-shirts to model cars — all in AU colors — is available now.

In a related story, Scott Moore claims to have audio tapes of Cecil Newton offering up Cam Newton to the folks at Aaron’s as the car’s driver.  All for just $180,000.

We’re kidding, of course.  Though Newton might have as good a shot at winning as Waltrip.  (I can say that ’cause I used to pull for Waltrip when he was runnin’ in the #30 Pennzoil ride.  Hell, yeah.)

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Over-The-Top Fans Giving Normal AU, UA Fans A Bad Name

For three years I lived in Columbus, Ohio.  For those three years, I thought the hatred between Ohio State and Michigan was unmatched in all of sports.

I was wrong.  Very wrong.

Ohio State and Michigan fans can’t stand their rivals, but they don’t constantly attempt to tear down their rivals.  Big difference.  Alabama and Auburn fans do.  Unfortunately, that’s embarrassing for both schools — whose administrations have nothing to do with the constant attacks — and it’s bad for the Southeastern Conference as a whole.  The mudslinging only makes fans outside the SEC believe that the league is the dirtiest conference in America.

By constantly flinging accusations back and forth, Tide and Tiger fans only raise the curiosity of the NCAA.  And that’s not a smart thing to do considering that cheating goes on at major every college.

Boosters for every school in the country provide extra benefits for athletes.  It happens.  I’ve spoken to players and buddies who’ve played in the SEC, the Big Ten and the ACC.  They all say it went on at their schools, in their leagues.

Alabama and Auburn players know where to find hundred dollar handshakes should they want them.  Kentucky players know which restaurants provide free meals.  LSU players know which car dealer gives athletes the best deals.  Tennessee players know which bars will give them free admission, etc, etc, etc.

Big or small, that stuff goes on everywhere.  So it’s best for the NCAA not to start snooping around your favorite school’s campus.  Yet Alabama and Auburn continue to dare the NCAA to venture into the Heart of Dixie and start sleuthing.

Two months ago, we had a radio host — who happens to be an Alabama fan — make accusations across Southern radio stations that he had access to tapes proving that Cam Newton knew his father was shopping him.  When push came to shove, Scott Moore provided no proof and lost his job at WZZN-FM in Huntsville.

Yesterday, we had a man who runs the Rivals site covering Auburn — which is known to be one of the most “homerific” Rivals sites in existence — claim on his site’s messageboard and on radio that an Alabama supporter has given cash, a car and promises of future cash to Bama signee Brent Calloway.  Hopefully, if it turns out Jeffery Lee is making wild, false Scott Moore-like accusations, Rivals will sever ties with him.

But many fans of Alabama and Auburn live through these accusations and allegations and walk away not with a sense that things are getting out of control… oh, no.  Instead, they take a mudball to the face and feel the need to commit accusation-one-upmanship.

Anyone care to bet that Auburn won’t soon be hit with another allegation emanating from somewhere inside the Yellowhammer State?  It’s their turn.  Some Bama homer will try to take the spotlight off of the Brent Calloway allegations by tossing new claims toward The Plains.  You can start the clock on that one.

But the only thing more ridiculous than the childlike mudslinging is the fact that so many Tide and Tiger fans believe the whole world is out to get them.

For two months, we put up with Auburn fans blasting us for mentioning the Moore allegations.  To hear many AU fans tell it, we were obviously a site run by Bama fans, out to get Auburn.  As if a site that covers the SEC wasn’t going to mention a media member’s claims that he has explosive tapes of the Newtons.  Please. 

Yesterday, however, we apparently quickly shifted our stance and became big Auburn-backers.  Again, if a media member goes on a radio station and claims that an SEC school has bought a recruit, that’s going to generate fan chatter and that’s going to be covered by an SEC site like ours.  But don’t tell that to many Tide fans.  Clearly, we’re now in cahoots — which is interesting, because personally I’ve never been in cahoots — with and we are both attempting to bring down the Alabama program.

Uh, yeah.

The fact that we flip from “Alabama fans” to “Auburn fans” depending on our latest posting tells us that we must be doing pretty well on the objectivity front.  It also tells us that some UA and AU fans need to start reading what we write… and not what they want to read. 

Personally, I feel very sorry for the Average Joe fan in the state of Alabama.  Those folks pull for their teams and take their kids to games, but they also live out their daily lives normally.  I heard from many fans of both schools yesterday who said they’re sick and tired of all the nonsense surrounding the Iron Bowl rivalry.  Yet those fans are given a bad name by immoderate fans who spend each and every day looking for a reason to scream, “My school is being attacked!”

Perhaps the normal fans of Auburn and Alabama — of which there are many — should slap some type of warning label on fandom within their state.

If pulling for Alabama or Auburn results in bouts of rage, feelings of paranoia, or the desire to harm rival institutions, you should stop practicing fandom.  If pulling for Alabama or Auburn causes the desire to poison a tree, consult your physician immediately.

Unfortunately, to most everyone outside the state of Alabama, it appears that all fans of the Tigers and Tide are about to overdose on hate. 

Here at, we’ll continue to alert you if/when a media member with ties to Alabama or Auburn flings new, baseless accusations at his or her hated rival.  But we suggest you take the claims as we do — with a grain of salt — until these mudslingers actually provide some proof of what they’re shoveling.

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Mr. “I’ve Got Newton Tapes” Moore And Radio Station Decide To “Part Ways”

Dang.  So I guess we won’t be hearing those tapes of Cecil Newton now.

According to Cole Cubelic of Huntsville, Alabama’s “The Zone,” “Scott Moore and WZZN 97.7 have decided to part ways.”  That from Cubelic’s Twitter account.  Cubelic is the host of his own show on WZZN-FM and he is a “former Auburn Tiger” according to his Twitter bio.

Everyone will now speculate as to what went down between Moore and his station — the station found out he didn’t have tapes and was embarrassed? — but the bottom line is this: All the folks who’d bought into this guy’s claims now have quite a bit of egg on their faces.

Let’s see when and where he pops up next… and what kind of claims he makes when he does.

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Bond’s Attorney Says Audio Clip Of “Cecil Newton” A Fake

Remember that ridiculous sound clip that we linked you to yesterday?  The one we said sounded no more credible than any of the rest of Scott Moore’s claims? 

Well, the attorney for former Mississippi State quarterback John Bond now says that clip — allegedly of Cecil Newton (surrounded by vacuum cleaners and hissing cats, apparently) claiming to have gotten a cash offer for his son — is “not authentic.”  He told The Jackson Clarion-Ledger, “It is a fake.”

If this weren’t a family site, I’d insert a phrase right here ending in the word “Sherlock.”

Of course it’s fake.  This whole story appears to be fake.  But we’ll keep covering it so Bond, Bell and Moore can’t just take the quiet way out, hoping no one holds them accountable for the claims and allegations they’ve stated (and leaked).

But while yesterday’s sound clip was a fake, Bond (shown at left) did however promise on the radio this week that he would provide a real “snippet” of a recording that “exonerates Mississippi State, myself, and Bill Bell.”

Scott Moore — the main stirrer of all this… mess — said of Bond’s snippet: “It’ll give ‘em something to talk about, I guarantee you.”

Sure it will.

So far Moore has drummed up lots of talk about his radio show.  Congratulations to him.

Unfortunately, Moore, Bond and Bell have also destroyed whatever reputations they once had.  If they have tapes, they need to play them.  If they don’t, they should shut up and go away. 

By talking and accusing and threatening and teasing they have: a) damaged their own names and credibility and b) made sure their beloved MSU, the SEC, Auburn, Tennessee and Alabama fans have all taken black eyes in the press and from a laughing mob of football fans to the East, North and West.

Worse, only an imbecile would play a “snippet” of a tape and say, “There, that exonerates me.”  Uh, how ’bout we hear what else is on that tape before we go clearing Bond’s name.  It’s called editing and Bond could have edited his snippet… or faked it, just like the internet clip now making the rounds.

If Bond does play a clip it will be believed only by rabid MSU fans who desperately want proof that their school did nothing wrong in the recruitment of Newton.  (As if Bond would play a recording showing that he, Bell and MSU actually did something wrong.)

We know that homers will celebrate Bond’s snippet because Alabama homers — desperately wanting proof that Auburn did do something wrong — bit hook, line and sinker on yesterday’s fugazi.

In this world, with millions of news sources on the web and on talk radio, many tend to seek out the news they want to hear rather than, you know, actual, credible, fact-based news.  And that’s a shame.  Because it gives guys like Moore and Bond a platform to make strong claims while presenting little to no evidence.

Delivering an opinion is one thing.  These men are pushing what they claim to be facts.  Yet they still won’t let anybody see or hear what facts they might have.

So, sorry, fellas.  We’re still not buying.

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Moore Now Brings Florida Into The Newton Fray

Radio host Scott Moore spoke with The Huntsville Times yesterday and now he’s thrown out an accusation that Florida’s Urban Meyer was the initial whistleblower in L’affaire Newton.

“Urban made the call and The New York Times acted on it.”  That’s what Moore says NCAA investigators told his buddy, former Mississippi State quarterback John Bond.

“There’s some other stuff that will come out in the coming weeks that might set the record straight a little bit,” Moore told Mark McCarter of The Times.  “There’s some things I have not heard, some things that I’m supposed to hear that will tie all this together.”

Of course there is.

Amazingly, while Moore has gone on radio show after radio show quoting audio tapes that he has refused to play and making accusations against the Newtons, Auburn, Tennessee and now Urban Meyer, he feels that his reputation has been unfairly attacked.

“This is not a smear campaign against (Auburn), although one has certainly been waged against me this week.  That’s part of the territory, I reckon.”

I reckon so.  When you accuse people and schools of cheating without providing proof — while also starting a radio show and claiming that the tapes are “valuable” — people will naturally begin to ask questions about your character.

McCarter asked Moore why he’s doing what he’s doing.  “I’m not doing it for the radio show,” Moore said.  “I’m not out to destroy anybody.  I don’t want to see Auburn University destroyed.  I don’t have a vendetta against Auburn University.  I’m just reporting on a story that’s now mushroomed into one of the biggest stories in college football history.”

As The Times points out, Moore “was wearing warmup pants with the (Alabama) logo (on them) as he went on-air Wednesday night.”

In a final note, Moore has spent a week now making claims and allegations without playing the audiot tapes.  After getting ripped for his actions, he claimed this week that he’s not going to play the tapes until he can verify them.  Nevermind the fact that he’s been quoting them without verifying them.  So does Moore even have these tapes in his possession?

“I can’t confirm or deny that.”

What a shock.

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Is This One Of The Newton Tapes Moore Says He’s Heard?

On a couple of messageboards yesterday, a 30-second snippet of a voicemail was posted.  The voicemail is supposedly from Cecil Newton to either John Bond or Bill Bell.  Is this clip one of the audio tapes radio host Scott Moore claims to have heard?

Let’s assume for a second that this extremely noisy recording is real.  First, it will be hard to prove that that’s Cecil Newton’s voice on the tape.  Hell, it’s hard to figure out just what the person is saying, much less who’s doing the saying.

Second, if this is Cecil Newton, it’s still a man with little credibility making claims that another school — Auburn from what we can make out — offered to pay for his son.  And if you think the NCAA hasn’t already checked into the rumors that Auburn and Lane Kiffin were tossing cash at the Newtons, you’re crazy. 

While all the non-Auburn fans out there are hearing what they want to hear on this tape — It’s proof!  I can hear Cam!  You can hear another gunshot from the Knoll! — we want to know how this tape popped up on a messageboard and who leaked it?  Was it Moore himself?  And why is the recording so terrible?  I could take my cell phone, hold it up to my answering machine, record a playback and then Bluetooth the clip to my laptop… and it would still sound a lot clearer than this tape.  Was there a jet engine in the room when the recording was made?  You wouldn’t hear more hissing in a cat fight.

The recording is so bad that it will be tough to authenticate who is actually on the tape.  After all, just because someone says, “It’s Cee,” it doesn’t mean the tape isn’t faked.  I wouldn’t expect Moore to record, “Hey, it’s Scott creating a radio stunt.”

As always, if the full, unedited tapes come to light and we get some new information, super.  We at will be all over it.  But we’re not going to buy into an unverified, poorly recorded tape that popped up on an Alabama messageboard.  That gives us reason for doubt.  So this tape’s no more valid than Moore’s ever-changing claims at this point.  It wouldn’t hold up in a court of law. 

And Bama fans, you’d be saying the same thing if someone released a tape this poor as proof that your Tide had broken rules.  You’re giving this clip credibility only because you want to believe in it. 

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Moore Continues To Talk Up Newton Tapes, But The Newtons Might Not Even Be On Them

For his sake, I hope Scott Moore really has got his hands on some explosive tapes.  If he doesn’t, then he’s just turned himself into the biggest buffoon in America.

A little backstory:

* Moore has just launched a radio show in Huntsville, Alabama and he’s said that he wants to get that show syndicated.

* Moore claims that former Mississippi State quarterback John Bond and booster Bill Bell have audio tapes of Cecil Newton asking for cash from MSU.

* On the tapes, Newton supposedly claims that Tennessee has offered $200,000 for his son.  He says he has an offer of $180,000 from Auburn.

* Moore claims that on one of the tapes, Cam Newton is in the room with his father.

* Moore is making appearances on radio shows across the Southeast to talk up his claims.

* Moore says the NCAA has heard some of the tapes, but not all of them.

* When asked why the tapes haven’t been released to the public yet, Moore said last week that the tapes are “valuable.”

* Moore, Bond and Bell have all taken heat across the internet — starting with our “Put Up or Shut Up” piece last Friday — for apparently looking for a ratings boost (for Moore’s show) and cash (for Bond’s and Bell’s tapes).

Yesterday, Moore appeared on WGFX-FM in Nashville.  He reiterated his previous claims.  He seemed to put the breaks on the rumors that he’ll play the tapes on his show in two weeks, however.

“They’re real, they’re legit.  And they have a lot of information on there that I think is gonna clarify a lot of things for a lot of people,” Moore said.  “That’s all we’re trying to do, is find out what the answers to these questions are and I think we’ll be able to do that once we are able to play these things.  I want everybody to hear them.  I’d like to get the information out there.”

So why hasn’t he?  Is he still using the “they’re valuable” argument?  The one that made it clear to everyone that he and Bond and Bell are looking for a payday?  Of course not.  He’s felt the backlash and he’s changed his story.  Value?  Did I say value?  I meant…

“The answer to that question is real simple.  A, I’m not going to put something on the air that I can’t back up 100 percent, that I’ve had substantiated and authenticated.  I’m going to make sure when we go in there and play this, from a liability standpoint, that we’re good to go.  And I think that’s a smart business decision, one.  I’m not going to rush out just because we have this story and we have these tapes — and I’ve got some of them in my possession as we speak — but I’m not gonna go play this stuff on the air for money, to get recognized.  I’m gonna make sure that this stuff is done right and this story is down right and the due diligence is done on it.”


But he will of course go on station after station quoting the tapes and smearing (further) the reputations of the Newtons, Auburn and Tennessee.

If this is a ratings stunt — and I’d bet my house that it is — here’s hoping SEC commissioner Mike Slive takes the time during the SEC meetings this spring to let each of his coaches and ADs know that they’re not to do any appearances on Moore’s show.  Moore might have a tough time syndicating a radio show across the South if he can’t land a single big-name SEC figure as a guest.

For what it’s worth, another site has put together a somewhat confusing A to B to Z tale of the tapes on Misters Moore, Bond, Bell and Kenny Rogers.  According to that site’s own unnamed source Moore’s tapes likely don’t include Newton’s voice at all.

Until we hear the tapes with our own ears, we’ll continue to say that Moore, Bond and Bell have little credibility.  They may be selling, but we ain’t buying.

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Newton Tapes Coming In Two Weeks? We’ll See.

Late last week, Huntsville, Alabama radio host Scott Moore went on a couple of radio stations to announce that he has heard tapes of Cecil Newton talking about the “bids” that had been made for his son.  Auburn was implicated.  Tennessee was implicated.  Cam Newton was said to be in the room during one conversation.

Of course, only Moore has heard the tapes.  Former Mississippi State quarterback John Bond and fellow MSU booster Bill Bell made the tapes but they haven’t released them.  Moore said on Friday that the tapes are “valuable.” 

The long string of teasing from Bond and the Moore media push prompted us to write:

It’s Time For Bond And Moore To Put Up Or Shut Up On The Newton Saga

Yesterday, Kevin Scarbinsky of The Birmingham News wrote nearly the exact same story on his blog:

It’s Past Time For John Bond And Bill Bell To Put Up Or Shut Up On Cam And Cecil Newton

Maybe Moore, Bond and Bell are paying attention because the word is spreading now that Moore will play the audio recordings on his new radio show in two weeks.  Now, what kind of guy would try to build up an audience for the release of potentially groundbreaking news?  Somebody trying to build up ratings in order to get his fledgling show into syndication (which Moore has admitted is a goal of his).  It’s called a stunt.  And this has all the makings of being just that.

Many Alabama fans are dancing in the streets — or at least on the messageboards — at the thought of the Newtons and Auburn and Tennessee going down.

But they need to be warned: Moore’s teases and delays and story changes  — one day he thinks Cam is implicated, the next he says Cam can be heard in the room… one day he says Tennessee offered $150,000, the next he says the Vols offered $200,000 — don’t give him a lot of credibility.  Ditto the fact that he’s launching a new show.

Bond and Bell don’t have a lot of credibility either right now.  Moore said they turned some of their tapes over to the NCAA.  Why not all of them?  And if the two are trying to get cash for their story, then they’re no more credible than someone selling an “I had an affair with…” story to The Star. 

Anyone expecting to tune into Moore’s show and find the smoking gun of evidence in the Newton case is likely to be very disappointed.  We’re not saying it’s not possible that new evidence exists.  And if the tapes are earth-shattering, then it’s about time they were released.  But taking everything into account, we wouldn’t trust this bunch as far as we could throw them.

Tapes in two weeks?  We won’t hold our breath.

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Radio Host Claims Newton Was In The Room When Papa Discussed Money

As expected, Huntsville radio host Scott Moore was back on the air this morning — this time with WNSP-FM 105.5 in Mobile — talking about the audio tapes he claims to have heard relating to Cam Newton.

In today’s interview, Moore reveals that the tapes he’s heard were made by former MSU players John Bond and Bill Bell.  (Earlier today, we reported that the tapes Moore discussed yesterday were the much-rumored Kenny Rogers-owned tapes, mainly because he did not specify in the webclip available to us who had made the tapes.  In referring today to the tapes made by Bond and Bell, it now appears that at least three different people — Bond, Bell and Rogers — possess tapes and text messages relating to Newton.)

In today’s interview, Moore makes the following claims:

1.  Cam was in the room when Cecil asked Mississippi State for more money.

2.  The NCAA has copies of some of the tapes.

3.  Cecil reveals on one tape that he received a $200,000 offer from Tennessee but also said he’d give Mississippi State a $20,000 discount.

4.  The NCAA is about to start looking into Auburn’s recruiting practices in Arkansas.  (The NCAA was asking questions in Louisiana last week.)

5.  An FBI agent told Bond that Cam will be a footnote in the bureau’s investigation and that the investigation into Colonial Bank will eventually be a problem for Auburn.

(Sidenote — Anybody else sick of this crap?  The story?  The rumors?  The claims?  The two-bit cowards who have tapes but refuse to release them?  The stories that change from day to day?  Good God in Heaven let us please go back to talking about football and basketball.  Rant over.  Feeling better now.)

Some questions:

First, why doesn’t Bond — the former MSU quarterback — stop giving radio interviews, teasing information and allowing others to hear his tapes and instead just release the ******* things?

“I heard bits and pieces of them back in September.  I heard the rest of it in October and into November.  And so, you know, uh, John Bond is a very good friend of mine.  And the day John interviewed with the NCAA back in September he told me about it.  And there’s another, I would say, several guys that John trusted and, uh, and went public.  We sat down and let these guys hear the tapes. … And I’m sure those guys will end up coming out very, very soon as well with what they’ve heard. … I just spoke with John earlier today and HBO’s trying to get John to come out on HBO’s ‘Real Sports’ and, you know, put these tapes out on ‘Real Sports.  And he’s been reluctant to do that because Mississippi State has said, ‘Hey, look, just kinda stay out of it.’”

Apparently Bond doesn’t really want to stay out of it or he’d stop teasing the world with his knowledge and tapes.  He wants the spotlight.  If he didn’t, he’d tell Scott Moore to pipe down and stop drawing it back towards Bond.  So why would Bond want the spotlight?

“Obviously these things, obviously they’ve got a lot of value.  Obviously.  And, uh, you know I think, uh, they belong to Bill Bell and they belong to John Bond.  They’ve got a lot of information on these tapes.  I can’t speak for what reason those guys have not sat down and played ‘em or gotten the information out to everybody.”

Actually, it sounds like Moore just did a very good job of explaining why they haven’t released the tapes.  Bond and Bell want to get paid.  Hmmm.  That kinda puts Bond and Bell in the same “pay me” ballpark as Cecil Newton.

Question Two: How did Tennessee go from making a $150,000 offer — according to Moore yesterday — to making a $200,000 offer — according to Moore today?

“Cecil went out there, put these offers out, and said, ‘I had an offer from Tennessee for a $150,000, then he actually went up — and I didn’t get to expand on that yesterday — but he went back to them and he said, ‘I’ve got an offer from Tennessee for $200,000, but we’ll go to Mississippi State for $180,000.’”

Another question: How does Moore know that Cam was in the room on an audio tape?

“They’ve got tapes that exist that have Cam Newton in the room with his dad talking about these deals.  You have got him present in the room while his dad’s on the phone trying to shop his son around.”

I’m sure we’ll have more on this as Moore continues his radio tour drumming up interest for his buddy’s tapes.  And it probably won’t be too long before we learn someone else has a tape or two also.

Oh, boy.  Can’t wait.

But if you’re wondering why we at so often point to the fact that this league is in danger of destroying itself through boosters attacking rival schools… we give you Exhibit A.

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