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Andre Ware Repeats Message To Johnny Manziel: “Tone It Down”

gfx - they said itBoth are quarterbacks.  Both are Texas natives who’ve won the Heisman Trophy playing for a Texas team.  While both have had success on the football field, it’s off the field where former Houston quarterback Andre Ware and current Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel may not exactly see eye-to-eye.

For the second time in the past few months, Ware has delivered an on-air message to Manziel – “tone it down.”

His latest plea came on Friday after ESPN’s College Football Live debuted a new Granger Smith video featuring Manziel, his girlfriend Sarah Savage and former Aggies wide receiver Ryan Swope.

According to Brent Zwerneman, here’s what Ware had to say following the video.


“If I’m his teammate, and it’s almost human nature, that somebody, someone on the team is starting to resent seeing Johnny Manziel like this. ‘I know I’m working, is he working? Can he be working as hard as I am each and every day to prepare for the season, so we can put ourselves in a position to win the national championship? Are you doing it at baseball games when you’re throwing out the first pitch, and how much work did you put in when you were working on this video?’ I’m not sure that he’s done a well enough job in the offseason to really calm things down.

 “As a quarterback of a football team, you’re already elevated, and as the face of the program the microscope is on you, and you’re going to get the publicity. You almost have to fit in. You almost have to calm that stuff down to let the guys know you’re one of them, you’re still with the team, so they can play hard for you week in and week out. I’m not sure he’s done a good enough job of that in the offseason. … Everything seems to come with some publicity. Tone it down. …”


If the “tone it down” line looks familiar, it’s because it is.  Back in April, Ware delivered much the same message.  ”Tone it down. You’re not the same guy you were before you won the Heisman Trophy.”

You can see Manziel and girlfriend Sarah Savage tossing a  football, holding hands and kissing (once) in the video.  Pretty mild stuff.  The song called “Silverado Bench Seat” features more shots of the Chevy Truck than it does of the Heisman Trophy winner.  In fact, the video closes with a shot of the Chevy Logo. Is this a music video or just an ad for Chevy?  You can check it for yourself below.

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Writer: A&M’s Manziel Needs To Improve Before Jumping To The NFL

johnny-manziel-holds-ball-smilesThis offseason has already turned into a season of hype for Texas A&M’s returning Heisman-winner, Johnny Manziel.  The shifty redshirt sophomore quarterback has become a staple of “SportsCenter” and an internet star.  Talkshows, trick shot passing videos, big game tickets… you name it and you’ve probably seen Manziel attached to it.

But one writer in the Lone Star State believes the Flutie-esque star needs to do a bit of improving on the field before he decides to jump early to the NFL next spring (something most expect him to do).  Kevin Sherrington of The Dallas Morning News writes:


“… it may be time to tap the brakes on Johnny Football’s rocketing career. Maybe no college football player ever has come so far, so fast.

For a guy who likes to run as much as he does, he needs to get bigger and stronger. He also needs to refine his passing, especially downfield. One of the reasons Ryan Swope’s blistering time in the 40 surprised so many at the combine was because he spent so much time catching shorter passes underneath. Manziel couldn’t find him deep. He improved over the course of the season, but it remains a work in progress, as it would with any college quarterback with only one year as a starter.

Tim Tebow has pretty much proved that you can’t make it in the NFL on legs alone. Manziel’s a better passer than Tebow already, but not as good as Robert Griffin III, who benefited greatly at Baylor from what was essentially his third year as a starter. Johnny Football no doubt could, too.”


Sherrington is correct, of course.  One tremendous college season does not a pro career make.  Plenty of “unstoppable” college QBs from Tebow to Vince Young have had trouble translating their talents from the amateur ranks to the professional.  So it would only make sense for Manziel to continue to hone his skills.  Wisely, he’ll spend part of his offseason working with quarterback guru George Whitfield Jr.  And on today’s Dan Patrick radio show Manziel suggested he might not be a lock to leave early.

As for his ability to improve his long ball skills, the benefits can go beyond the field.


Nike baseball – chicks dig the long ball



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NFL Draft Analyst: “Johnny Football Is Like A Good Deodorant”

manziel-no-sweat-deodorantHeisman-winning Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel has been described in a lot of ways.  Thrilling.  Exciting.  Doug Flutie-esque.  A guy who plays “backyard football.”  You name it, it’s probably been said.

Especially now.

During the NFL combine, former Manziel receiver Ryan Swope lined up to do his timed run.  NFL Network’s Rich Eisen mentioned that he was once a target for Johnny Football.  Draft analyst Mike Mayock responded by praising Swope’s performance in A&M’s win over Alabama… and by saying this:


“I’ll tell ya another thing — Johnny Football is like good deodorant ’cause he makes stinky things smell good.”


Mayock explained that when Manziel’s line failed to protect him, he could run around and turn it into a positive.  Good thing he explained it.  Because the timing might have suggested Swope was one of the stinky things Manziel made smell good.

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