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SEC Headlines 6/9/2013

headlines-sun3-150x150SEC Football

1. Does Florida quarterback Jeff Driskel have a baseball future?  Drafted in the 29th round by the Boston Red Sox.

2. Oddsmakers expect a lot of close Florida games this year. “Of Florida’s 12 games, six of them have a spread of six points or less.”

3. A new border war battle in the SEC - Arkansas vs. Missouri.

4. Former Tennessee defensive back Daniel Gray has made it official – signed his grant-in-aid with Utah State.

5. Kevin Scarbinsky on Mississippi State’s NCAA penalties: “The slight Mississippi State penalties are just another sign that the NCAA’s law-and-order division is a shell of its former self.”

6. Current Denver Bronco and former Texas A&M linebacker Von Miller on Johnny Manziel’s NFL chances: “Him and Russell Wilson are definitely the same height, and you see the type of success Russell Wilson had. I think he’ll definitely have success.”

7. Auction for Nick Saban lake house property delayed three weeks because of  ”a surge of late interest.”

SEC/College News

8. Mark Story:  ”Most Wildcats fans I encounter seem almost giddy over the state of UK athletics.”

9. Chad Jones played football and baseball at LSU.   Drafted by the NFL’s New York Giants in 2010, he was drafted by MLB’s Cincinnati Reds on Friday.

10. Former Miami booster Nevin Shapiro reportedly claiming he used inside information from Miami coaches to bet on football games.

11. Can college athletics be reformed? “The question is whether anyone is brave enough to pursue them.”

12. Academic fraud scandal cost North Carolina more than $500,000 – in public relations bills.

13. Want to buy Terrelle Prior’s 2008 Big Ten title ring?

SEC Basketball

14. Joe Walljasper on a current Memphis Tiger and former Missouri Tiger: “What do you do with a problem like Michael Dixon?”


15. Arizona State baseball player Cory Hahn’s career lasted three games – he was paralyzed in 2011.  The Arizona Diamondbacks made him their 34th round selection on Saturday.

16. 19-year old Hank Aaron’s pivotal 1953 season in Jacksonville. Hit .362 but committed 36 errors – as a second baseman.

17. Does Tennessee have the best looking girls in the SEC?

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Packer Staff Heads To A&M For Lessons On The Read-Option From Professor Sumlin

kevin-sumlin-atm-shirt-smileGo back in time five years and the Wildcat/read-option play was considered a gimmick in the National Football League.  Today, dual-threat quarterbacks like Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, Robert Griffin III, and Colin Kaepernick are turning that gimmick into a staple of NFL attacks.

For that reason, Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy has decided it’s time to do some research on how to better defend read-option offenses.  And he’s turning to an SEC coach for tips.

“We’re even going to the college ranks,” the Packers head coach said.  “We’ll have a couple college coaches come in, spend time with our staff.  Actually, our defensive staff is going to take a trip to Texas A&M, Kevin Sumlin is someone I have great respect for and with his ability to share from both the offensive side and defensive side his experience in the read option.  It’s something from an education, preparation standpoint that we will grow as a staff and be better prepared for in the future.”

McCarthy offered further praise for Sumlin and the Aggie program.  “Just the fact what they’ve done on offense and the ability to face it on defense all the time in the SEC.  We thought this would be a great opportunity.  We’re very thankful for him to bring our staff in.”

Think A&M officials are already printing those quotes on mailers for next year’s recruits?

There is a bit of history between Texas A&M and Green Bay.  The man who preceded Sumlin in College Station — former coach Mike Sherman — also preceded McCarthy in Green Bay.  And current Packer assistant Shawn Slocum was once an assistant at A&M where his father RC Slocum was the head coach.

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Wilson To Wisconsin, Not Auburn

Well, maybe he likes cold weather.

The University of Wisconsin has announced that former NC State quarterback and minor league baseball prospect Russell Wilson will play at Camp Randall Stadium this fall, choosing the Badgers over Auburn.

“Russell will come in and compete for the starting quarterback position,” coach Bret Beilema said on UW’s website today.  “This is an unusual situation, especially for a program that prides itself on developing players throughout their careers, as we do here at Wisconsin.  However, this is a special situation and Russell is the type of player and person that fits very well with our team.”

Wilson’s choice of Wisconsin means that Auburn’s quarterback battle will remain a three-man event between Barrett Trotter, Clint Moseley, and incoming freshman Kiehl Frazier.  There will be no last minute entry from a Cam Newton-type this fall.

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SEC Headlines – 6/16/11 Part Three

1.  Is a “culture of cheating” really taking shape in collegiate athletics?  (Or do we just have more media covering the cheating these days?  I’ll vote the latter.)

2.  Former NC State quarterback Russell Wilson is still considering Wisconsin and Auburn as transfer options.

3.  Oregon cornerback Cliff Harris has been suspended from the Ducks’ season opener against LSU.

4.  Will Ole Miss be a “bounce back” team in 2011?

5.  No one makes lists like ESPN and here’s their list of the SEC’s best receiver/tight end units.

6.  And their list of the best individual receivers.

7.  And their list of the best individual tight ends.

8.  And their list of the best lists.  (Just kidding.)

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SEC Headlines – 6/9/11 Part One

1.  Auburn’s football team was honored at the White House yesterday.

2.  The Tigers enjoyed their trip to DC and meeting with a “real cool” president.

3.  Russell Wilson — the former NC State quarterback who is considering Auburn — had what one source called a “grand slam” visit to Wisconsin.

4.  This writer says Mike Hamilton’s resignation “feels like desperation” and “the next strange act in the Tennessee circus.”  (We’re reminded of how Pete Rose was told to admit he bet on baseball, he did, and then everyone said, “Well, you didn’t seem contrite enough.”)

5.  Here’s a list of all the SEC players who have departed via injury, transfer or other unexpected reason since last fall.

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SEC Meetings: The Results

As word trickles out of Destin, we’ll keep you updated with a live blog right here:

1:41pm ET — Andy Staples of SI tweets that UGA president Michael Adams said: “It’s a good day to be in the SEC.  Everybody did the right thing.”

1:43pm ET — Mike Slive announced that the SEC has divided up $220 million this year with each school grabbing $18.3 million.  That’s a record total.

1:45pm ET — Slive says the SEC will take five proposals for roster management to the NCAA.

1:49pm ET — The SEC will have “oversight” on medical exemptions.  (Nick Saban won’t be pleased.)

1:50pm ET — The SEC did pass a 25-man cap on signing classes.  How’s that for a shocker?  Guess the football coaches don’t run the SEC after all.  (UPDATE — Summer school enrollees will count immediately toward that fall’s scholarship numbers.)

1:51pm ET — The SEC will ask the NCAA to follow its lead.

1:53pm ET — Slive said that the NCAA “should and will” follow the SEC’s lead.

1:54pm ET — The SEC has also nuked the exception allowing grad students to transfer into the league with less than two years of eligibility.  Looks like Russell Wilson will be heading elsewhere unless he is grandfathered in under the old rule.  The new rule takes effect October 1st.  (UPDATE — Wilson or anyone else this summer would be allowed to transfer into the league.)

1:57pm ET — Slive said the presidents vote on the 25-man limit was unanimous.

2:00pm ET — The cowbells will get another year at MSU as the great “Cowbell Compromise” has been extended.

2:15:pm ET — The SEC did officially nix the use of divisions in basketball.  A decision on future scheduling models is expected later this year.

2:20pm ET — The presidents voted unanimously to ban 7-on-7 camps on SEC campuses and SEC coaches can no longer attend them.

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Ex-NSCU QB Wilson To Visit Wisconsin; Potential SEC Rule Change Could Impact Him

For weeks there has been speculation that former NC State quarterback Russell Wilson — last year’s total offense leader in the ACC — might wind up as Cam Newton’s replacement at Auburn.  But word emerged today that Wilson is planning to visit Wisconsin next week, one of at least 12 schools pursuing him.  It has been reported that he’s already visited The Plains.

That said, the SEC’s presidents are deciding today whether to extend or rescind an exception which allows graduates from other schools to enter the SEC with less than two years of eligibility.

“It’s not a Jeremiah Masoli rule” Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley said.  “His name hasn’t even been mentioned.  It’s an academic-based rule. … The issue is one-year transfers.  I know how my president feels, but I’m not going to disclose that.

Without the exception, Masoli would not have been allowed to transfer to Ole Miss last season.  Without the exception, Wilson might not be allowed to transfer to Auburn — or any other SEC school — this fall.

Stay tuned.

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SEC Headlines 5/27/2011

1. Kevin Scarbinsky on Auburn football: ” (M)aybe the head that wears the crown can rest a little easier for a change.”

2. Auburn coach on running back Mike Blakely: “He’s a perfect fit.”

3. BCS likely to vacate USC 2004 title. “ Sorry, Auburn. Don’t get your hopes up.”

4. Why Auburn shouldn’t sign Russell Wilson.

5. Is Jordan Jefferson like Eli Manning?

6. “(T)he single game most likely to produce the SEC’s 2011 champion will be played between the Tide and Tigers on Nov. 5.”

7. Nick Saban on oversigning: “If we choose to change the rule in the SEC, we’ll be supportive and comply every way that we can.”

8. UT spokesman confirms – Kevin Revis headed elsewhere.

9. The first play – the first drive; the last 10 years of Florida football.

10. Mike Anderson gets an early start on the class of 2013.

11. Clean sweep.  LSU conquers Italy.


12. What will the new Pac-12 and new Big Ten mean for college football this year?

13. So what do people actually tweet about?

14. The secret life of hotels.

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SEC Headlines 5/25/2011

1. Report: Former N.C.  State quarterback Russell Wilson visits Auburn. Also here.

2. In Asheville, North Carolina – Wilson is not a quarterback, but a second baseman.

3. What have buyouts cost Tennessee the past six years?  Ten million dollars.

4. David Climer: “(T)here’s one sure way to make out like a bandit: Get hired — and fired — as a coach at the University of Tennessee.”

5. APR Roundup: View from LSU, Kentucky, Georgia, Florida, Ole Miss, Tennessee, South CarolinaAlabama and Auburn.

6. Houston Nutt wants Mike Slive to understand he needs roster flexibility.

7. Mike Herndon: “Here’s a baby step that seems all too logical to take: Close the early enrollment loophole.”

8. According to the Athens Banner-Herald, here’s what the proposed legislation would include.

9. Open dates on this fall’s SEC football schedule

10. Joe Namath toured Tuscaloosa on Tuesday.

11. Cuonzo Martin: ”I have Pat Summitt’s son [rising sophomore Tyler Summitt] on the team, so I gotta do right by Pat!”

12. The most scrutinized player on the Kentucky basketball roster? Incoming freshman Marquis Teague.

13.  The LSU basketball team loves playing in Italy.

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