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Bama’s Fanning Delivers Dangerous Takedown; Mizzou Handles Matters On The Field

On Saturday, Alabama defensive lineman LaMichael Fanning put a very dangerous, very dumb move on Missouri tailback Russell Hansbrough.  In wrestling-style maneuver, Fanning picked up Hansbrough and then flipped him over and threw him to the ground headfirst.

Hansbrough is 5-9, 185 pounds.  Fanning is listed at 6-7, 298.  It was a dirty play (that you can see further down in this story).

Fanning was penalized for a personal foul.  In terms of a dangerous play, there’s no question Fanning — a redshirt freshman — should be suspended by the SEC office.  The trick is finding the right rule to match with the suspension.  This was not a crown-of-the-helmet-to-the-head-of-a-defenseless-receiver type of play.  And body-slamming isn’t a “point of emphasis” in the NCAA like those helmet-first hits, either.  Oh, it’s every bit as dangerous, yes, but the SEC would need to find the proper rule and wording to dole out a one-game suspension for the Bama benchwarmer.

Whether the SEC office gets involved or not, Missouri’s players took matters into their own hands on Saturday.

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