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Wow Headlines 5/2/2013

SEC and ESPN officially announce SEC Network…will debut in August of 2014
Planned seating capacity for expanded Kyle Field at Texas A&M to be 102,500 – largest in SEC
South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier again calls for paying college football and basketball players
Alabama coach Nick Saban consulted with North Carolina basketball coach Roy Williams on how to defend up-tempo offenses
Florida coach Will Muschamp: “We’re an ascendant program”
Auburn coach Gus Malzahn calls his quarterback battle a “dead heat”
NCAA ended 2012 with a record surplus of $71 million
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“Dirty” Recruitments? The SEC Reigns Supreme With Calipari, Pearl And Stansbury is continuing its survey of “nearly 100″ college basketball coaches with a question today that’s sure to draw eyeballs — “Which play is perceived to have the dirtiest recruitment in the last 10 years?”

Dirty doesn’t mean any actual NCAA rules were broken, of course.  It just means that the perception of said recruitment was that there were some odd shenanigans taking place.  And the perception of the SEC as a cheater’s paradise won’t be aided by the list of most popular responses:



1.  Shabazz Muhammad (signed with UCLA)

2.  Anthony Davis (signed with Kentucky)

3.  John Wall (signed with Kentucky)

4.  Kyle Anderson (signed with UCLA)

5.  OJ Mayo (signed with Southern Cal)

6.  Derrick Rose (signed with Memphis… under current Kentucky coach John Calipari)

7.  Renardo Sidney (signed with Mississippi State)

8.  Terrence Jones (signed with Kentucky)

9.  Tobias Harris (signed with Tennessee)

10.  Chris Obekpa (committed to St. John’s and Steve Lavin… who used to coach at UCLA)


So of the 10 recruitments most often cited as “dirty” by anonymous basketball coaches, five signed with SEC schools (not counting Rose who signed with Calipari).

But wait, it gets worse.

In the “also received votes” category were DeMarcus Cousins (Kentucky), Enes Kanter (Kentucky), Josh Selby (whose attendance at a barbecue helped lead to the demise of Tennessee’s Bruce Pearl before the player inked with Kansas), and Rodney Hood (Mississippi State).

See a theme here?  Kentucky (Calipari), Mississippi State (ex-coach Rich Stansbury) and Tennessee (ex-coach Pearl) were all tied to more than one of these chases.  Does that mean those programs/coaches are or were rogue?  Or does it mean those coaches’ reputations for being renegades just led other coaches to assume that their key signees and targets were somehow bought?  If you’re a UK, MSU or UT fan, I bet I can guess your answer.

The most interesting quote in the piece came from an anonymous coach and it was aimed at Wall, the former star Kentucky point guard:


“Baylor hired John Wall’s AAU coach and that still wasn’t enough to get that deal done.  That recruitment was on another level.  And remember, Roy Williams basically stopped recruiting him.  Best player in the country is from North Carolina, and North Carolina didn’t really want anything to do with it.  What does that tell you?”


It tells you whatever you want it to tell you.  That’s what.

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SEC Headlines 7/28/2012

1. Georgia coach Mark Richt does an about-face over the recruitment of Penn State players. Georgia had previously given Penn State notification on 19 players they planned to contact – on the same day punishment against the Nittany Lions program was handed down.

2. Current Georgia roster – “fewer than 70 players recruited on scholarship, well below the NCAA limit of 85.”

3. 14-year old runs a 4.46 40-yard dash.  Gets scholarship offer from LSU.

4. Michigan safety Jordan Kovacs on the season opener against Alabama: “It’s a huge game for this conference.”

5. As recently as 2009, Nick Saban’s staff had zero “analysts.” Now Alabama has nine of them.

6. Alabama’s preseason camp opens in six days.

7. No SEC team will start practice sooner than Auburn – drills start on Wednesday.

8. With nine starters returning, Auburn will have an experienced defense.

9. A rundown of important preseason dates at Mississippi State and at Ole Miss.

10. What Denzel Nkemdiche means to the Rebels.

11. A plea from a choked-up Joker Phillips: ”These players don’t need everybody to believe in them. But they damn sure need somebody to.”

12. The reason for  a sharp dropoff in season ticket sales at Kentucky?” UK officials can talk about the economy and the vast number of games on television, but the main factor is performance on the field.”

13. Friday Night Lights at The Swamp.

14. Derek Dooley on Tennessee’s new $45 million practice facility: “This is going to be the gold standard for the next 15-20 years.”

15. New lights, new artificial turf ,  HD video screen and increased capacity at Vanderbilt will all be done by August 11th.

16. Kiero Small’s leadership abilities have Arkansas excited about a transition to the linebacker position.

17. Arkansas linebacker Alonzo Highsmith, Jr. is stepping out of the shadow of his father.

18. Arkansas – Missouri a neutral site game?  Arkansas AD Jeff Long: ”Just off the top of my head, I don’t see how that would be beneficial to Arkansas.”

19. Want to get tickets to the Arkansas – Alabama game?  They won’t come cheap.

20. “The kickoff will be much different in 2012.”

21. Mississippi State will meet North Carolina in the Maui Invitational in November.


22. Jon Solomon: “North Carolina’s academic scandal is a big deal. And it could be bigger if it becomes attached to Roy Williams’ basketball program.”

23. Knoxville businessman Jimmy Haslam wants to buy the Cleveland Browns?

24. Texas coach Mack Brown on his colleague at Kansas State: “Bill Snyder is the best coach in the country.”

25. Best remembered for an incident caught on camera – choked by his coach Bob Knight back in 1997.  Neil Reed is dead at the age of 36.

26. The Penn State scandal and big money donors – could have repercussions for decades.


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Video: Roy Williams press conference after win

Content provided by John Clay’s Sidelines.

North Carolina coach Roy Williams talks to the media after his team’s 75-73 win over Kentucky on Saturday.


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Noon Newspaper May 4th, 2009

Content provided by A Sea Of Blue.

"Fanhouse?  What's that?"

More photos »

by James Crisp – AP

“Fanhouse? What’s that?”

Browse more photos »

The John Wall recruiting saga took a really shocking turn today, as wall has apparently been charged with a crime — breaking and entering.

Bluegrass State Basketball has the story, and there is, according to him, more to this than has been reported so far.  Hopefully, the “more” is favorable to Wall.  For more reading on this subject, here is The Sporting News’ story, and here is the WTVD report in Raleigh-Durham.  There seem to be very few details at the moment, and the charge is only a misdemeanor and Wall was not actually arrested.

Fanhouse claims that Roy Williams and Coach K will now no longer be interested, but the Coach Calipari still will, claiming his intent was “not to indict” UK or “the Wildcat boosters who so desperately want a star point guard.”  First of all, why is it the “consensus” that Calipari will still be interested and nobody else will?  The author doesn’t attempt to explain that, and just allows the reader to assume that Calipari is fine with taking kids with “a past,” (to be fair, his past indicates that he is), or that Coach K isn’t (Roy Williams backed off Wall weeks ago), or that UK has no other viable options.  And is he saying that UK fans are so desperate for a point guard that we would offer a scholarship to a good player regardless of their legal status?  What a crock.

The facts of the case have yet to emerge, and the charge may well wind up being dropped.  It isn’t as if the kid broke into an occupied home with an AK-47 and started shooting up the place.  The Fanhouse article is typical of why journalist so revile bloggers — it is fact-challenged, reporting that Wall went to NC Central when Adam Zagoria reported earlier that meeting didn’t happen, and blames that aborted visit on “eligibility issues,” which is another item not in evidence.

Before everyone panics and starts deciding that Wall is trouble, let’s step back and wait for the facts to emerge.  As Dave Telep of told USA today, “[This] doesn’t feel right.  This may have been nothing more than a youthful prank, a case of mistaken identity, or simple guilt by association.  I’m not encouraged by the news, but I also think we should not be rushing to judgment.

Now, for the rest of the news.

UK Basketball News

  • Some interesting observations about the player who has the attention of UK fans captivated at the moment.
  • I don’t think this blogger is a UK or John Calipari fan.  Interesting post, though.
  • Wall did not go to his planned N.C. Central visit, according to Adam Zagoria.
  • Nice piece by BBallSophist at True Blue Kentucky.
  • The new NCAA rule makes bad choices easier, and other links this morning via John Clay.
  • UK on the final list of 12 for Harrison Barnes.  Barnes is really a good player that would reload us for 2010.  Not only that, he is a smart kid.
  • Chris Fisher has some weekend stuff over at Kentucky Ink.

UK Football News

  • Fidler back in the quarterback race.

Other UK Sports News

  • UK Softball loses to South Carolina on Sunday.
  • Bat Cats keep their SEC tournament hopes alive with a huge series win over the Tennessee Volunteers on Sunday.

NCAA Sports News

  • Mississippi State gets a commitment from John Riek.  Rick Stansbury gets an A+ for his recruiting effort at MSU this year.

Other News of Interest

  • An interesting story about’s Dave Telep.
  • Facebook groups versus the NCAA.  This is going to become a problem the first time a public university takes action beyond a threat against someone on Facebook.  The NCAA, as a private entity can set rules and enforce them without fear of First Amendment ramifications.  But it seems to me that requiring public universities to enforce NCAA rules is a much trickier problem and could give rise to a legitimate claim under the First Amendment.So far, the matter hasn’t come to legal blows, but it will eventually.  Things like this always do.  For my money, the best thing to do is to politely ask people to help the university comply with the rules without resorting to the stick of a cease and desist letter.  Most of these kids are just fans of university sports programs and would gladly comply rather than put their favorite team at risk, if asked nicely.


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