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My Left Foot: USC QB Shaw Goes Skydiving With Healthy, Repaired Foot

SunsetTandemSouth Carolina quarterback Connor Shaw is back from foot surgery and ready for action.  Any kind of action apparently.  Including skydiving.

The senior-to-be missed all of spring practice after undergoing a procedure to repair a bum foot that required him to take pain-killing shots and pain-killing bills before and during games last season.  (We now know one difference between the two starting quarterbacks in the SEC’s two Columbias.)  Now, Shaw says the football is “all good.”

So good that he went skydiving over the weekend (warning: paywall):


“It was an incredible rush.  I think we jumped out at 17,000 feet and opened our chute at 5,000.  It happened so fast.  It felt like you were just floating up in the air.  I would absolutely do it again.”


And what did Steve Spurrier think of his starting quarterback skydiving on a surgically-repaired foot?  “I don’t think (the coaches) know yet,” Shaw told The State newspaper in Columbia.  “So we’ll see how that goes.”

Now that Shaw has gone skydiving, we’ll see if he goes Rocky Mountain climbing.  Or if he can go 2.7 seconds on a bull named Fu Manchu.

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