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Does Calipari Have Pitino Envy?

John Calipari and Rick Pitino have a longstanding rivalry that traces far back, before the two wound up as competitors in the Bluegrass State.  And every time Calipari gets a chance to take a shot at Pitino or his school, he does so.

Take, for example, what he said about Wildcat fans who camp outside just to get tickets to UK’s first practices of the season:

“It’s a unique thing.  There’s no other state — none — as connected to their basketball program as this one.  Because those other states have other programs.  Michigan has Michigan State.  California — UCLA has all those. … North Carolina has Duke.  It’s Kentucky, throughout this whole state, and that’s what makes this unique.”

Rick Bozich of The Louisville Courier-Journal suggests Coach Cal has “a king-sized case of Rick Pitino Envy.”  Here’s guessing most UK fans will disagree with that one.

Instead, it appears Calipari has a little Steve Spurrier/Dan Mullen to him.  When he sees a chance to dig at his rival — and boost his own school in the process — he’s not afraid to take it.

In this case, his own fans will cheer the above comment, but it’s unlikely that Calipari’s words are powerful enough to erase Louisville’s tradition, Louisville’s arena, and Louisville’s program from the minds and memories of non-UK fans throughout the nation.

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