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The SEC’s Best Football Programs Part 4: Recent History

mrsec stat analysis newAll week long, we at have been trying to use data, some real numbers to determine which SEC football programs are currently best… and worst.  For an overview of this project, you can click right here.  You’ll find — among other things — that we are ranking all 14 schools in four categories: Recruiting Base, Tradition, Campus Life and Recent History.

Under each of those four umbrella categories there are 20 sub-categories.

Part 1 of our series — Recruiting Base — can be found here.

Part 2 of our series — Tradition — can be found here.

Part 3 of our series — Campus Life — can be found here.

In this space, we look at the most important aspect of a program: Recent History.  The memories of today’s recruits can only go back so far.  So what a program has accomplished in the last decade is incredibly important.  Because of that, there are more sub-categories in this section.

As part of Recent History, we’ve included stadium size as a representation of a school’s current facilities.  Typically, the bigger the stadium from a capacity standpoint, the better the football complex and practice fields on a specific campus.  So that’s where we’ll start today.

Using the 2013 SEC Football Media Guide and the data provided by the schools, below is a listing of each school’s stadium size.  We use only a school’s main stadium, meaning a program like Arkansas’ grade comes from the facility in Fayetteville, not Little Rock.  Let’s get started:


Recent History: Stadium Size

  ALA   ARK   AUB   UF   UGA   UK   LSU   MSU   MU   UM   USC   UT   A&M   VU
  101,821   72,000   87,451   88,548   92,746   67,942   92,400   55,082   71,004   60,580   80,250   102,455   83,002   40,550


There is a pretty clear division between the SEC’s traditional haves and have-nots.  The six “power” programs that were split evenly across two divisions when the league expanded in 1992 — Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, LSU and Tennessee — all have stadiums seating at least 87,000.

SEC additions Texas A&M and South Carolina have stadiums with capacities over 80,000.  No other SEC schools top that mark.

The smallest facilities — currently — belong to Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Vanderbilt.  MSU is currently involved in a stadium expansion project that will eventually give the Bulldogs a slight boost in this category.


Now we will look at each school’s win total over the past decade.  We have included the actual gameday records for all of the schools.  Vacated wins have not been deducted because today’s recruits would still remember those games as they happened.  In Alabama’s case, for example, we don’t think recruits would pay much attention to the fact that the school had to surrender some wins in the record book due to a scandal involving text books.

With that said, here are the win totals for the last 10 years:


Recent History: Wins Over Last 10 Years (2003-2012)

  ALA   ARK   AUB   UF   UGA   UK   LSU   MSU   MU   UM   USC   UT   A&M   VU
  94   74   88   98   97   52   107   52   81    55   77   72   69   44


LSU leads the way in victories.  In fact the Tigers are the only SEC program to top the 100-victory plateau.

Ole Miss, Kentucky, Mississippi State and Vanderbilt bring up the rear.


Next we’ll look at recent conference championships.  Below is a breakdown of conference title winners for the past decade:


Recent History: Conference Championships Over Last 10 Years (2003-2012)

  ALA   ARK   AUB   UF   UGA   UK   LSU   MSU   MU   UM   USC   UT   A&M   VU
  2   0   2   2   1   0   3   0   0   0   0   0   0   0


Once again, LSU is the leader.  In this instance, the Tigers have won three titles in the last decade.  The remaining SEC crowns were secured by Alabama, Auburn, Florida and Georgia.

In case you’re wondering, SEC newcomers Texas A&M and Missouri did not win Big 12 championships over the past decade, thus the zeroes beneath their names.


Next, we breakdown the national championships won by current SEC members.  Again, we focus only on the past decade:


Recent History: National Championships Over Last 10 Years (2003-2012)

  ALA   ARK   AUB   UF   UGA   UK   LSU   MSU   MU   UM   USC   UT   A&M   VU
  3   0   1   2   0   0   2   0   0   0   0   0   0   0


As you can see, the SEC has collected eight national titles over the past 10 years.  Three of those were captured by Alabama.  Florida and LSU each have two and Auburn has one.

Some will point out that we’ve already included these championships (as well as the conference championships and total wins listed above) in our project under different category headings.  We have.  We have counted all-time wins and all-time championships under the Tradition category and we’ve included these most recent wins and titles here.  While schools will push their tradition to recruits, recent history — what recruits have seen with their own eyes — has even more value.  For that reason these sub-categories are, in effect, scored twice in our system.


Up next, we look at each SEC school’s recent bowl participation.  This is a simple listing of the number of bowl invitations received by each member program over the last decade:

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