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Texas Readers: Please Vote This Guy Down

Just a quick note to our many thousands of readers in the Lone Star State…

Please vote down Craig James.  The former college football star at SMU — if you’re looking for character flaws, look up his ties to the Pony Express — left his job as an ESPN analyst yesterday in order to run for a US Senate seat in Texas.

Yeah, ’cause if there’s anyone ready to “fix” Washington, it’s a guy who’s become one of the most unpopular college football analysts on television.  His take down of Texas Tech’s Mike Leach — reportedly because the coach was a meanie to his son, Adam — still might cost ESPN millions in a lawsuit brought by Leach.

James says he was protecting his son.  Most people in and around Lubbock will tell you they believe Leach, not James.

Asked about his political qualifications, here’s what James told the AP:

“Washington is busted up, and I understand how the economy works because I have been concerned about continuing to provide jobs in this economy, not 10 years ago, not 15, not 20 years ago.  I live in this economy, I get it.  We need someone from what I call Real Street, this is what separates me.”


Good to know James doesn’t fit the ramble-at-the-mouth dumb jock stereotype.  Also, if living in the economy is a qualification for becoming a Senator, then I, too, would like to toss my hat in the ring.  Those folks get a darn fine retirement plan and great health benefits.

Forget politics, people.  I could care less about his party affiliation (he’s running as a Republican, by the way).  As a nation, we send plenty of dimwits from both parties to DC every couple of years.  It happens.  But here’s hoping Texans don’t send this one.

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