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Got Stupid? A&M Taunts UF With Billboard In Gainesville

All it takes is one idiot to ruin a party.  As the SEC’s newest members prepare for their first-ever conference games, both are having to deal with trash talk emanating from inside their own camps.

As you know by now, Missouri defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson has been gagged by Gary Pinkel after his suggestion that Georgia’s style of football is Big Ten-esque and behind the times.  UGA travels to Mizzou on Saturday.

Well, Richardson’s comment was nothing compared to a billboard put up in Gainesville by — all assume — someone associated with Texas A&M.  The billboard states:



You’ve been annexed by Aggie Nation

The Best Academics & Cleanest Program in the SEC.  WHOOP!

Real Football.  Real Tradition.”


If an Aggie-backer actually paid for that billboard, he’s done his favorite team no favors.  Why kick a sleeping Gator just days before Saturday’s A&M/Florida clash at Kyle Field?  (Aggie officials say they had nothing to do with the billboard and it does not feature any official A&M logos.)

Now, is it possible that someone with UF ties posted this to get his own squad fired up, a la Robin Williams’ actions in the little seen, but good flick “Best of Times?”  Maybe.  But one wouldn’t think a UF-backer would go anywhere near the “Best Academics & Cleanest Program” lines even if he was attempting to rile up his favorite team.

Apparently they just don’t teach Southern manners in the Show-Me and Lone Star states.  Also, MU and A&M folks should know that you don’t earn respect from SEC fans by talking or posting billboards.  You gain respect by winning games.

As someone who was hoping both the league’s newcomers would win their opening league games so we could end the “disrespect” nonsense right out of the gate, I’m now hoping both Mizzou and A&M — two schools I’ve repeatedly said will make fine additions to the league — get their fannies kicked.

Why the need for trash talk with people you’ve never played?  So childish.  So stupid.

Once helmets collide on Saturday, ugly comments and billboards won’t mean a thing.  But for now, if you want to be welcomed into the league — and the SEC has been very welcoming to both A&M and Mizzou so far — everyone associated with those schools should be trying to make friends, not enemies.  Hell, it was Florida president Bernie Machen who spearheaded the SEC’s discussions with A&M prez R. Bowen Loftin in the first place.  And his thanks is a mocking billboard in his own town?

Sorry, call me a fuddy-duddy, but I’m no fan of trash talk.  So I’ve gone from M-I-Z and Gig ‘Em to Hunker Down and Go Gators because of all this nonsense.  As someone with no fan ties to a league school, I usually just pull for the best storyline.  And those storylines have been changed by one player running his mouth and some nitwit posting a billboard.

If I’m invited to a party, I say “thanks for having me.”  I don’t mark my territory by micturating on the host’s carpet like one of Jackie Treehorn’s dimwitted thugs in “The Big Lebowski.”


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