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Stop Before You Start, Aggie Fans

Some Texas A&M fans are dead set on making their entire fanbase look downright silly.

For weeks they’ve screamed, shouted and cried that ESPN is out to get their school and its hero, Johnny Manziel.

Now, however, folks are retweeting ESPN’s Tom Luginbill as though he just walked down from Mt. Sinai with a piece of stone featuring 140 Hebrew characters or less.

So why is ESPN now to be trusted?  ‘Cause Luginbill is saying what Aggie fans want to hear, of course… that Kevin Sumlin didn’t ask Manziel a question on the sidelines Saturday:


luginbill tweet


Ah, ha!

Or not.

For some reason, this tweet is being hurled back at this site as a response to something we wrote earlier today.  Problem is, this tweet doesn’t refute a single, solitary thing in that piece.

No one at suggested that Sumlin asked his quarterback a question.  We stated that Sumlin was trying to dance around the topic by suggesting that the media wanted Manziel to say something to him.  That’s not what anyone anywhere said.  What every-frickin’-body said was: “Manziel bumped into his coach and walked right by him without ever stopping to listen or to acknowledge his superior’s admonition.”

It’s no surprise that that point was totally missed.  The A&M fans who respond via Twitter and in comment boxes and with nasty emails — and they are likely a very small portion of the school’s fanbase — don’t ever bother to read what’s actually written.  So it’s no wonder that they view Luginbill’s tweet as a rebuke of all those who’ve been saying that Manziel should’ve responded to his coach… even though that’s not what anyone is saying.

The Manziel Situation (like “The Bonnie Situation” in “Pulp Fiction”) could go South at any time.  Hell, even the QB’s own father suggested as much in an ESPN “The Magazine” article.  Of course, some Aggies don’t believe Papa Manziel ever actually said, “It could come unraveled.  And when it does, it’s gonna be bad.  Real bad.”  That was an ESPN piece.  And everyone knows ESPN can’t be trusted.

Except when they back say something an Aggie wants to hear.  Then?  Gospel!

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