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LSU To Wear Pro Combat Uniforms Against AU

We all know that Nike has a tendency to go a little overboard when it comes to the company’s Pro Combat football uniforms.  Okay.  A lot overboard.

Thankfully, LSU won’t be going full Power Ranger as Georgia did earlier this year.

When the Tigers take on Auburn Saturday, they’ll be outfitted in an all-white number that actually looks pretty snazzy.  There’s a white helmet, white jersey and white pants in the combo.  All mesh with the Tigers’ current designs and logos.

The only downside?  Tiger stripes inside the purple numerals on the jersey.

But hey, when some teams are sporting looks befitting a comic book villain, small tiger stripes aren’t so bad.

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Putting The Ug In UGA

Last September, Nike flew yours truly up to New York for the grand unveiling of their 2010 Pro Combat uniform collection.  Chris Fowler was there.  Michael Irvin was there.  Ex-jocks from each school donning Pro Combat unis were there — including guys representing Alabama and Florida.

While many of the unis were just as horrible as Nike’s previous Pro Combat efforts, the duds picked out by the Gators and the Tide really weren’t that bad.  The changes weren’t huge.  You might even say their uniforms were understated… if Nike does anything in understated fashion.

But that was then, this is now.

And this.  And this.

Yes, friends, it’s quite possible Georgia will be wearing one of the ugliest college football uniform sets of all time when they take on Boise State in 12 days.

The black G on the side of that silver helmet with the big red stripe might as well stand for Garish or Gawdy or Gimmicky.

Gawd-awful might also apply.

Mark Bradley of The AJC rightly compares the new Georgia uniform to those worn by the Power Rangers on Saturday mornings.  (Click the link, see the photo, laugh out loud.)

While Dawg fans — at least the majority of those writing to us and commenting on UGA messageboards — are rolling their eyes, Mark Richt’s players seem A-OK with the idea of Halloween in September.

As for the coach, clearly he doesn’t think a one-time change of pace is a bad thing:

“Yeah, I think there are a lot of people that just don’t want to get away from that (traditional look) and I don’t blame them.  That’s the reason we’re sticking it out there two weeks in advance, so everybody can get over it.  I doubt we’ll do any surprise uniforms anymore.  At least everybody’s got time to digest it.  If everybody just thinks about what’s most important and that’s playing the game, I think we’ll all be fine.”

He’s right.  If Georgia whips Boise State, the uniforms will earn more fans.  If the Dawgs lose, those jerseys and pants will no doubt be burned shortly after the final gun.

But did Richt have to use the word “digest” when talking about those unis?  They make me want to toss my cookies.

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The New UK Football Uniforms Are… “Checkerboardy”

Not sure if “checkerboardy” is a word or not, but it’s the only thing that comes to mind when looking at the new Nike uniforms Kentucky unveiled this afternoon. 

Well, okay, Purina-esque works, too.

Overall, the unis aren’t a huge departure from previous years — all blue at home, all white on the road.  Only now UK has the option of wearing a white helmet instead of the usual blue.

The biggest change — as you can see more clearly if you enlarge the photo at left by clicking this story’s headline — is on the sleeves.  Both the blue and white jerseys feature a blue/navy checkerboard pattern.

Personally, I’ve never been the biggest fan of Nike’s often “out there” designs, but this one isn’t as radical a redesign as I had feared. 

(And, yes, we are angling for Nike to once again fly us to New York to cover the unveiling of their new Pro Combat uniform collection.  The Trump Soho was very nice.)

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