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A&M’s Manziel Trades Twitter For Instagram

Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel recently gave up on Twitter because he said it had become a distraction for him.  He was tired of having whatever he wrote or shared via that social medium become newsworthy.

So the Heisman-winning quarterback has now shifted to Instagram instead.  Yeah.  That’ll be much better.

Manziel attended the Miami Heat’s victory at the San Antonio Spurs on Sunday.  And he tweete… er… Instragrammed a photo of himself with LeBron James afterward:




Now, there’s nothing in the world wrong with a college kid going to an NBA game.  There’s nothing wrong with a celeb-athlete getting “backstage” with one of the world’s most famous players.  And there’s nothing wrong with Manziel showing the world the cool, fun things he gets to do.

Most 20-somethings would show off photos like the one above.

But Manziel needs to just shut up about the press and the distractions.  Sorry if that’s harsh, but he creates the distractions his own self.  Example: Post a photo of yourself with an NBA star and expect people to ask…


A) Why isn’t he worrying about spring practice?


B) How does this kid have the money to attend (seemingly) every big concert or sporting event in the nation?


Yeah, yeah.  We know.  Mama and papa have money.  But not everyone knows that.

Manziel is taking advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  I say opportunity because most people only dreams of hanging with the rich and famous.  I say once-in-a-lifetime because Heisman voters tend to turn on those who receive too much hype.  Tim Tebow never won the award after his sophomore season.  Peyton Manning never won it at all.  Get too much pub, and people will start looking for a new underdog on the ballot.  Regardless of the season he has this fall, Manziel won’t win the trophy again.  Fair or not, there are going to be a lot of people who say success has gone to the kid’s head.

But what should be a greater concern for Manziel — and the coaches and parents who apparently aren’t worried that he’s setting himself up for a fall — is how Aggie fans respond to his “celebrified” ways.  A&M fans are backing him now, but let’s see what gets said after the Aggies lose their first game this fall.  And Lord help the kid if he takes a step backward in his overall play. Just as sure as him not winning another Heisman?  The fact that fans will say, “Maybe if he worried more about football,” whenever he fires an interception or fails to find an open receiver.

Manziel deserves the right to enjoy his youth.  In a perfect world he should be able to share tales and photos of his dazzling adventures.

But this isn’t a perfect world.  And everytime the kid tweets, Instagrams, or Facebooks a photo of himself eating a ham sandwich, it leaves a few more people wondering which the kid loves more — football or his celeb status?

Especially if he’s eating said ham sandwich with Justin Bieber and Pope Francis backstage at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show.


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