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SEC Hoops 2012: Best Long-Range Gunners

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Who was the best three-point shooter in the SEC this season?

If the image of Marshall Henderson immediately popped to mind, well, you’re probably not alone.  But while the Ole Miss bomber was by far — by far — the most prolific long-range gunner in the league this year, he was not the most accurate three-point shooter.

The title of best three-point shooter actually goes to Florida’s Michael Frazier who hit a fantastic 48.5% of his 103 attempts from beyond the arc.  Frazier was thrifty with his deep ball as was his teammate Erik Murphy.  Murphy was actually the league’s #2 three-point shooter in terms of accuracy at 45.6% on 149 attempts.

Let us explain… to determine the league’s top long-ball shooter we looked only at players who launched at least one hundred treys in 2012-13.  There were 33 such athletes in the SEC.  Of those 33, the average number of attempts per player was 152.  Five players fired up 200 or more three-pointers with one of those — Henderson — tossing up more than 350 shots.  That was 367 shots to be exact, a full 142 treys more than the #2 loose cannon, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope of Georgia (225 threes).

Six players who shot at least 100 balls from beyond the arc nailed at least 40% of their attempts.  The average player — among the 33 who put up 100 or more shots — hit on 35.5% of his tries.  Six shot below 30%.

Below is a look at all 33 of the league’s most prolific three-point artists this past year.  The players are ranked in terms of accuracy, so you can see for yourself who the marksmen and who the chuckers were:


  Player (School)   3-Point Attempts   3-Point Percentage
  M. Frazier (UF)   103   48.5%
  E. Murphy (UF)   149   45.6%
  F. Harris (A&M)   117   45.3%
  T. Releford (ALA)   111   42.3%
  A. Stringer (LSU)   164   40.9%
  K. Bright (VU)   133   40.6%
  B. Williams (USC)   126   39.7%
  B. Richardson (USC)   110   38.2%
  E. Ross (MU)   126   38.1%
  T. Lacey (ALA)   162   37.7%
  K. Caldwell-Pope (UGA)   225   37.3%
  C. Carmouche (LSU)   132   37.1%
  J. Mays (UK)   175   37.1%
  J. Brown (MU)   144   36.8%
  K. Wiltjer (UK)   150   36.7%
  J. McRae (UT)   162   36.4%
  E. Turner (MSU)   205   36.1%
  N. Johnson (AUB)   120   35.8%
  M. Henderson (UM)   367   35.7%
  M. Rosario (UF)   143   35.7%
  R. Odom (VU)   156   35.3%
  K. Johnson (VU)   157   35.0%
  A. Hickey (LSU)   183   32.8%
  S. McBee (UT)   154   32.5%
  K. Boynton (UF)   206   32.5%
  A. Bell (ARK)   104   31.7%
  P. Pressey (MU)   136   31.6%
  R. Cooper (ALA)   124   29.8%
  M. Wade (ARK)   103   29.1%
  F. Sullivan (AUB)   202   27.7%
  K. Fuller (VU)   103   27.2%
  F. Thomas (MSU)   172   23.8%
  BJ Young (ARK)   110   22.7%


More stats to come throughout the day today.

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