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Arkansas Unveils New Uniforms: Black Jerseys, Black Pants, White Helmets, Mix And Match

Right about now we should all just get ready for the day when each and every college football and basketball program features as many mix-and-match options as the 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates.  One, it’s a good way to sell more merchandise to fans (and schools are desperate for any new revenue streams they can create).  Two, recruits and players eat up oddball uniforms.

For those who don’t agree with that last part, you’re most likely from a different day and a different age.  Just watch this video to see how one football team lost their ever-lovin’ minds when handed black unis.  It’s crazy, but it sells.

Today Arkansas unveiled their new 2012 duds and what everyone expected… we got:


* Black jerseys (Nike calls it “anthracite”), cardinal jerseys and white jerseys.  All with gradated numbers in a new font.  Silver/gray is included in some areas of the design.

* Black pants, cardinal pants and white pants.

* Cardinal helmets and new white helmets.


Considering what else is out there in the world today — Oregon’s umpteen designs, for example — these aren’t the worst things to ever hit the gridiron.  Unless, of course, you’re a Razorback traditionalist, in which case the all-black number is probably making you lose your sooie.  But the other options are rather similar to what the Hogs have worn the past two years under Bobby Petrino.

According to Arkansas AD Jeff Long:


“We can do a little mixing and matching.  Overall we’ve been very conservative.  We’ve made it cutting edge.  We’ve made it futuristic.  We’ve stayed conservative.  We’re not going wild with it.”



We wouldn’t rank these as poorly as we did Missouri’s new alternate helmet (which looks like someone fired a yellow paintball at it).  And who knows what Mississippi State will unveil later this summer or how “shocking” that uniform might be?

So in the grand scheme of things, UA’s new unis are pretty much par for the course in 2012.  But this writer can’t shake the feeling that we’ll all someday look back on the this era just as we currently look back on some of the schlock and garbage that was trotted out during the 1970s — with great embarrassment.

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