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Transfer Wenger Translates Weis’ Offense For Gators

Charlie Weis’ offense isn’t simple.  And when you consider the fact that Florida’s players are coming from Urban Meyer’s very different spread offense, it’s easy to imagine a lot of confused faces down in Gainesville this summer.

Enter Dan Wenger.  The transfer student played four years under Weis at Notre Dame.  Now he’s readying for his sixth year of eligibility after transferring to Florida.  And he’s acting as a translator for those teammates having trouble picking up Weis’ system:

“They won’t necessarily come to me about coaches, but they’ll ask me about stuff in the playbook.  Just the other night we had a few guys on our downtime going over stuff in the film room, helping them out, and we did that a lot all summer.  We watched film twice a week, and we were able to just try to get everyone more on the same page so we weren’t too far behind coming in.

I know what it’s like coming in with a new offense, coming in as a freshman with Coach Weis’ system — your head spins constantly.”

Wenger has gotten reps all across the Gators’ line in preseason camp, but he’s not expected to start in the fall.  Instead, his greatest contribution might during practice.

Will Muschamp told the St. Petersburg Times that having Wenger “has been very beneficial, especially in the summertime because we can’t have any contact as far as football is concerned… so in essence he was a coach on the field.”

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Muschamp: Saban Would Need Help Starting Internet Rumors

On Friday, Nick Saban let the media have it.  Of course, as we’ve pointed out in the past, it’s hard to tell the media from the fans these days.  When it comes to talk radio and websites — like this one — it’s up to the listeners and readers to figure out which media members try to do things the right way… and which ones are simply trolling for pageviews and drive-time ratings.

Saban?  Well, he just lumps everyone in together.  At least he did on Friday while sharing his anger that there are rumors — gasp! — surrounding some of his players and what injuries they may or may not have.  (Forget the fact that an open, free information policy from the coach might prevent rumors from being circulated in the first place.)

“You all can go crazy out on misinformation and bad information.  And have no professionalism to try to find out if it did or didn’t happen.  Just to create some you know what.  Anything that you can.  No documentation or verification, no professionalism to find out if it really happened.  And God bless, there’s a few guys in (the media room) that really have professionalism and never print anything unless they know what’s up.  They always try to check and I really do appreciate it. …

I’m gonna start messing with you.  I don’t know how to do that, but I’m gonna start doing it.  Everyday I’m going to post something that’s just total B.S.”

Naturally, some in the media have struck back at the coach for his over-the-top rant against an entire profession and most of the people in it.  (Funny how Saban can’t stand it when all coaches are lumped together as player-cuttin’ oversigners.)  Here at, we wonder if Saban might not have been venting a little steam due to the T-Town Menswear scandal exposed (or cooked up, depending on your viewpoint) by  Hard to imagine injury rumors getting Alabama’s coach so hot under his crimson collar.

Either way, one of Saban’s former pupils doesn’t seem to think his ex-boss will be able to follow through on his threat to start spreading disinformation via the internet.  Florida’s Will Muschamp told The St. Petersburg Times the following:

“I know that if he wants to put something on a messageboard, somebody will have to turn the computer on for him, show him how to use the mouse, and probably keyboard it for him.  He’s not very advanced as far as technology is concerned.”

So knowing Saban’s temper and — now, thanks to Muschamp — his lack of computer skills, we’re left to imagine that a Saban attempt to post internet lies might look a little something like this:

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Florida Receives Two Weekend Commitments

Florida picked up its fourth and fifth commitments of the 2012 class this weekend when running back Mike Davis and linebacker Jeremi Powell gave their pledges to the Gators.

Davis, who attends Stephenson High School in Stone Mountain, Ga., made his commitment while attending Florida’s second Junior Day of the year.

I felt at home,” Davis told the Gainesville Sun via text message.

“I love the coaching staff. They were real with me the whole time, and I love the feeling of being in The Swamp.”

Davis is the second running back to commit to Florida for 2011. Matt Jones from Seffner (Fla.) Armwood High School committed to the Gators last week.

Powell’s decision to commit seemed like an easy one after his trip to Gainesville.

“It was an unbelievable experience being up there,” Powell told the St. Petersburg Times. “I was up there with my mom and that’s all we could talk about on our way back.”

Powell, who attends Pinellas Park High School in Largo, Fla., plays on both offense and defense in high school. Linebacker appears to be his destination in college.

“I kind of had a feeling I would be playing on the defensive side of the ball in college,” Powell. “I don’t mind that at all. I’m just thrilled to know I’ll be playing for Florida.”

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