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Spurrier Kicks Off Agenda-Fest 2013

CAROLINA MEDIA DAYSSteve Spurrier is big on setting the table when it comes to the national sports conversation.  Today at SEC Media Days he opened his session by launching into a push to pay players.  The Ol’ Ballcoach said that he and all of the other SEC football and basketball coaches voted at this year’s SEC Meetings that players should receive some additional pay from their schools.  In fact, Spurrier said that all of the SEC’s coaches — football and basketball — were willing to cover the costs.

Whether the other coaches wanted Spurrier to reveal their behind-closed-doors discussion or not is anyone’s guess.

Spurrier did say that his plan is “not pay for play, so please don’t say that.”  In his view, it’s “just a little expense money” for the players and their families.  (Spurrier’s plan might not provide much pay for play, but it most definitely is pay for play.)

Like a ballcarrier with his head on a swivel, Spurrier quickly switched direction and dove into the debate over Notre Dame’s power in the college football world.  The coach wondered aloud why all of the FBS commissioners and Notre Dame’s athletic director were involved in the new playoff talks.  The coach’s rapid-fire comments really had nothing to do with anything.  Perhaps Spurrier should drop in to the ACC’s media event and ask there why Notre Dame isn’t a 100% member of that league.

And then finally came the scheduling issues.  Spurrier pointed out that last year’s division winners in football each missed playing the top three teams in the opposite division.  South Carolina’s coach didn’t offer any solutions, mind you, he just wanted to say that the current set-up isn’t fair.

It’s clear that Spurrier is determined to offer up his own “state of college sports” speech as a kickoff to his Media Days session each year.

It got laughs because it was Spurrier, but in truth, it was a bit bizarre.

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