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Moody: Meyer “Really Had A Heart Attack”

Former Florida running back Emmanuel Moody sat down with the folks at last week — the Rivals site covering UF — and made some interesting comments when asked about Urban Meyer’s initial decision to step down:

“I didn’t know what to think of it.  Personally, for me, I was more worried about his health than anything else, because I saw him the night before and he looked like he was about to have a heart attack, which he did have a heart attack later that night.  So, I knew it was really the real thing.  He really had a heart attack and I saw it coming after the (2009 SEC Championship) game.  But, whatever was going to happen, may God have his way.  Coach Meyer’s health was way too important to thin about football.”

At the time of his brief resignation, Meyer admitted that he’d had chest pains for a while.  After the SEC title game, his wife had to call an ambulance to their home because Meyer had passed out on the floor of their bedroom.

When he returned, Meyer said that his doctors had diagnosed his problem as being esophageal spasms, not heart issues.  The symptoms from such spasms could mimic the chest pains caused by a heart attack. 

Perhaps Moody doesn’t know for sure what his old coach went through.  Or maybe — as a member of the team — he has a better idea of what Meyer actually experienced. 

The rest of us?  We may never know for sure what health issues drove Meyer to briefly retire in late 2009.  Or just how unwise it was for him to return in 2010.

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