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So Much For The Rumors, Meyer Introduces Family At Ohio State

There are two things that are said about 99% of the college football and college basketball coaches in the country — they’re having an affair or they drink too much.

Whenever a coach leaves a school, jilted fans — who get their info from an “insider” or “big booster” — always say “Coach left because his wife gave him an ultimatum” or “Coach left because the school was tired of his drinking.”  It happens so often that those of us who cover multiple schools usually roll our eyes as soon as someone starts down that path.

I can tell you that I don’t believe a single one of these negative rumors about coaches when I hear them or have them emailed to the inbox.  Not when I see ‘em on Twitter or messageboards. 

When it comes to rumors, there have been many surrounding Urban Meyer’s departure from Florida.  Many, many, many.  His health is bad, NCAA investigations are on deck, and worse.  One recent one bit of gossip making the rounds had the coach’s family telling him to get lost, that they weren’t going to be moving to Columbus with him.

Well, maybe they were just putting on a good show, but Meyer’s whole family was in Columbus yesterday.  His wife and his progeny.  They were on hand to be introduced to a cheering Ohio State crowd at a Buckeye basketball game.

Believe and pass rumors and gossip if you like.  Just know that Coach X in your hometown isn’t the only one “insiders” claim to be boozing it up or messing around with a coed or a secretary.  That’s said about coaches all across America… just as soon as they leave or another job.  And the stories are always ridiculously similar.

That’s why this writer doesn’t buy it when he hears such chatter.  It’s ugly and it’s nonsense 99.9% of the time.

After all, the Meyers sure looked happy in Columbus yesterday just as they did on the day Papa Urban was introduced as OSU’s new coach back in November.

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