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Conspiracy Theory: The SEC (And Possibly Aliens) Didn’t Suspend Fairley… For A Reason

As most of you know, we here at MrSEC aren’t big believers in conspiracy theories. 

Personally, I’m not a fan of Mel Gibson’s movie or Jesse Ventura’s TV show.  “The X-Files” laid it on too thick for my tastes.  And to be honest, I’d kind of like to join The Freemasons… if only to learn their handshake.

So excuse me if I don’t buy into the latest clunker that’s floating around the internet:

“The SEC didn’t suspend Auburn’s Nick Fairley because the league wants to get two teams into high-paying BCS bowls and the absence of Fairley would have led to AU’s defeat at Alabama next week thus costing the league millions.”

Get all that?

Money makes people do crazy things.  I’ll grant ya that.  But I’m not buying that a possible BCS payday had anything to do with the Fairley situation.

Fairley’s most egregious hit was flagged for 15 yards right after it happened.  If it hadn’t been, then the league might have sat him down for a half.  But the play was already punished by the league’s officials.


1.  Do you really believe that anyone in the SEC’s offices is banking on Auburn reaching the BCS championship game?  Look, no hard evidence has been revealed yet, but if sources are correct and Cecil Newton has admitted to asking MSU officials for money, the clock is likely ticking on his son’s season.  Auburn is 11-0, but they’re currently just one bad NCAA meeting away from being 0-11.  Mike Slive isn’t going to risk his league’s reputation on a ship that’s already taking on water.

2.  Anyone who has seen Newton and Auburn play this year knows that that Tigers are driven by offense, not defense.  Take Fairley off the field against Alabama for a half and it would hurt AU, no doubt.  But we’re talking about a defense that’s allowed:

43 points to Arkansas
34 points to Kentucky
31 points to Ole Miss
31 points to Georgia
27 points to South Carolina
26 points to Arkansas State
24 points to Chattanooga

How much worse could the Tigers really be for one half without Fairley?

Sorry, folks, you can save yourself some time and not zip me the emails.  I’m not buying this conspiracy theory.

Gotta go.  The Bilderbergers are meeting.

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