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Nutt Says New 25-Man Cap

It seems someone needs to define “disadvantage” for Houston Nutt.  In comments yesterday he said that the SEC’s new 25-man “soft” cap on signees is “a very, very big disadvantage.”  Actually, it means Nutt and Ole Miss have less of an advantage on non-SEC schools, but the Rebels  will not be at a disadvantage.  There’s a difference.

It’s interesting that on the same day — across the conference — Mark Richt was pointing out how SEC schools could still sign 25, even if they only had room for 15 (for example) signees.  And that’s a disadvantage in Nutt’s view?

So how will the new rule impact coaches like Nutt:

“It will be tougher to jump out on that limb, and you probably won’t with that guy who lacks a little bit of character.  ‘He’s not a bad kid, coach.  All he needs is you, coach.’  That’s what you hear a lot.”

Well, hell, when he puts it that way, we see his point.  Who doesn’t want their school going out on a limb to sign guys who lack a little bit of character?

Perhaps if Nutt is so dedicated to helping the troubled youth of America he should get out of the coaching business and open his own halfway house.  He might not make $2 mil a year, but no one will stop him from reaching out to kids who lack a little bit of character.

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