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UGA Reminds Season-Ticket Holders Of NCAA Rules

When Georgia season-ticket holders received their passes for this fall’s games, they also got a little something extra in the mail from athletic director Greg McGarity.  UGA’s AD reminded the school’s backers of “the important matter of NCAA compliance:”

“(Supporters) can have NO interaction with any prospective student-athletes, nor can members of The Georgia Bulldog Club do anything for any current student-athletes.  If we just remember those two things, we will go a long way in avoiding any NCAA violations in this area of our program.”

That’s an extremely smart play by McGarity and it’s one that more and more athletic directors across the country are making.  Arizona (and former Mississippi State) AD Greg Byrne recently asked Wildcat fans to report any possible rules violations to the school’s compliance department.  There’s nothing wrong with getting proactive.

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Saban Apologizes For Slapping McCarron’s Butt

On Monday, we showed you video of Nick Saban slapping his backup quarterback on the rear during Saturday’s game with Mississippi State.  It was a typical “angry coach pops a kid on the butt as an encouragement/exclamation” moment.

Unfortunately — and this NO surprise at all — some twits were apparently offended by such violence… such uncontrolled rage.  So yesterday on his radio show, Saban offered an apology.

“A tap on the butt is a sign of encouragement,” Saban said.  “I was intense, but I was not angry with AJ (McCarron).  He didn’t have a problem with it.  We were laughing about it the next day.”

Saban didn’t need to apologize.  Coaches have slapped rears since the day someone first inflated a pigskin.  The fact that he did apologize shows that either:

1.  The anti-Saban crowd saw this as an opportunity to feign outrage and try to distract Alabama


2.  Americans are so thin-skinned these days that we’re offended by anything


3.  A lone nut or two posting video “evidence!” of bad behavior (in his/her view) can gain traction on the internet


4.  All of the above.

Saban slapped a kid’s rear! 

I would use another term of exclamation here, but I’m afraid I’ll offend someone and need to apologize.


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Women’s Golf No. 1 in Performance Index

BATON ROUGE – The LSU Lady Tiger golf team, in preparation for its final tournament of the fall Nov. 5-7, remained NO. 1 in the country in the two performance rated polls and moved up to No. 2 in the National Golf Coaches Association's poll of 31 women's golf coaches.

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Arkansas D-Lineman Jones Arrested For Weed

Arkansas defensive lineman Dequinta “DD” Jones has been arrested and charged with misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance.  That controlled substance?  Marijuana.  About “a quarter ounce” of the stuff.

Jone was pulled over at 12:37am CT for having “no vehicle license lights.”  When the arresting office got to the car, he smelled the odor of marijuana.  Uh-oh.

When Jones got out of his GMC Suburban, the officer asked if he could pat the Razorback down.  When he did, he noticed “a soft bundle” in Jones’ front pocket.  (How embarrassing.)

He was released from jail this morning.

Bobby Petrino, natch, isn’t pleased.  “I’m very disappointed.  It’s something we certainly don’t want to see happen, particularly in the week of the game.”

Exactly, if you’re going to be caught with a “soft bundle” in your pants, at least have the decency to toke up in a bye week.

(Before someone sends me an ugly email, NO, that’s not Jones in the photo at left, nor is it supposed to be.  It’s just a ganja-rific photo that makes me laugh every time I see it.)

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