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SEC Headlines – 4/3/12 Part One

1.  There was room for improvement after Alabama’s first spring scrimmage.

2.  Clint Moseley’s sore shoulder has become a “big factor” in Auburn’s quarterbacks race.

3.  Arkansas’ Bobby Petrino — who wasn’t wearing a helmet during his weekend motorcycle crash — was resting comfortably in an area hospital last night.

4.  The Hogs will start an e-ticket program for football this season.

5.  Soccer player / homecoming queen Mo Isom — who’ll try out as a kicker at LSU again this August – will be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today.

6.  Here’s a rundown of yesterday’s practice session at Ole Miss.

7.  New MSU hoops coach Rick Ray gets a big thumbs up from one former boss… and a pair of MSU commitments.

8.  Ray’s new boss opens up about the search that led Scott Stricklin the former Clemson assistant.

9.  Here’s a Day Two practice report from Texas A&M.

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Isom Misses The Cut For LSU Football

The soccer goalie and homecoming queen won’t be a part of LSU’s football team this spring or this summer.  But come August, Mo Isom will be ready to give things another shot.

Les Miles said of the wannabe kicker:

“We reviewed what she can do and cant’ do well, and frankly there are four guys on the team right now that would be ahead of anyone who tried out the other day, including Mo…

We go to kicking off in the corner and we count on our kicker making some tackles.  It’s just not something I’m comfortable she’s ready to do.”

Miles made it clear last week that for Isom to makes his squad — which would open the door to all kinds of messes — she’d have to be able to do everything a guy could do and then still bring some added advantages.  So this is no surprise.

What is surprising is her spirit.  When told she didn’t make the cut, Miles said: “She said, ‘Do I get another opportunity if I get a lot better? and I said, ‘Sure.’”

She tweeted:

“Received great constructive feedback.  Will continue working my hardest w/the team thru Spring&Summer&see where I stand in August.  There is still much to this journey & I will not give up on my dream.”

Miles once again dismissed the suggestion that Isom might be making a play for publicity.  “It’s too painful.  Who would go through this for publicity?”

Whether you’re for a woman making an SEC football team or not, you have to admire this young lady’s gumption.  She’s the female “Rudy.”  (Hopefully she won’t wind up in trouble with the Securities and Exchange Commission as an adult.) 

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LSU Walk-On Isom Says She Was More Consistent With Her Kicks Yesterday

Les Miles suggested earlier this week that LSU soccer star Mo Isom would have to provide the Tigers with some clear advantages if she wanted to make his football team.  Yesterday, she might have done that:

“I hit two (field goals) from the 50, one from the center, one from the hash.  That was really as far back as we went.”

Isom — who says she’s 6-1, 190 pounds — claims to be “comfortable in a weight room full of smelly football players.  It’s really a very different dynamic than being with females in so many ways, but it’s a dynamic I love.”

It’s still doubtful that Isom will make the squad as a walk-on kicker, but best of luck to her for trying.  This certainly doesn’t seem to be a publicity stunt on her part, though you can bet she’ll benefit from all the media attention.  At this point, who doesn’t have their own reality show?

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SEC Headlines – 3/9/12 Part One

It’s going to have to be a shorter day on the site than planned, so we’ll jump right into the headlines and we’ll have plenty of ‘em.  Our apologies.

FYI, if you’re ever found to have cancer (let’s hope not) and you beat it (let’s hope so)… for the rest of your life you’re going to get one phone call after another from doctors asking you to come in for some “additional bloodwork.”

1.  Alabama’s moving on in the SEC Tournament.

2.  The Crimson Tide start spring practice today (and Nick Saban will surely brain anyone claiming Bama’s “starting it’s title defense.”)

3.  Auburn’s hoops season ended with a thud.

4.  AU has released salary info on its new coaches, including $850,000 D-coordinator Brian VanGorder.  (So you might say the Tigers are gambling on his success.  Rimshot.)

5.  It’s another early tournament exit for Arkansas…

6.  And it could mean the end of the season unless the Hogs become the first SEC squad to ever play in a tourney lower than the NIT.

7.  Johnny O’Bryant led LSU past Arkansas, now it’s Round Two with Kentucky.

8.  Mo Isom’s tryout for the LSU football team is drawing plenty of attention.  (Here’s guessing the knockout homecoming queen is used to drawing a lot of eyes.)

9.  Ole Miss dominated the offensive glass to slide past Auburn and set-up a big matchup with Tennessee today.

10.  Rebel coach Andy Kennedy joked that after a poor first-half: “I thought Terrence (Henry) had joined them, joined the scam.”  Ouch.

11.  Renardo Sidney says his MSU team didn’t “have any heart” in the second-half of their loss to Georgia last night.

12.  Two losses to a UGA club that’s hovered at #100 RPI-wise might be the reason State misses the NCAA tourney for a third-straight year.

13.  Texas A&M’s Khris Middleton says “right now” he’s staying for an SEC run rather than jump to the NBA.

UPDATE — College presidents continue to talk about postseason changes and full-cost-of-attendance scholarships.

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