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Bama QB McCarron On A Saban Move: “I Don’t Think Miss Terry Would Allow Him”

Nick Saban, AJ McCarronSenior quarterback AJ McCarron continues to say that the next batch of Crimson Tide stars will still have Nick Saban as their coach.  Yesterday, he gave his opinion that Saban would not leave for Texas, though noting that he could not actually speak for his coach.  Today on ESPN, he was once again asked for his take on the Saban-to-Texas talk:


“I don’t think Miss Terry would allow him.  Miss Terry is happy there and I always joke with Coach about ‘Miss Terry runs the house.’  But Coach loves it there and I don’t see coach trying to go to another program and build it all back up.  He did that at Alabama — first at LSU — now at Alabama.  I think Coach is happy where he’s at.”


McCarron said he asked Saban about the Texas rumors “a while back.”  “He told me he wasn’t going anywhere and the man’s never lied to me in the five years I’ve been there.  Like I’ve always said, he’s like a second dad to me.  I don’t see why he would leave and why he’d lie to me.”

Well, if he did lie it would be to avoid a pretty big distraction as Bama ran down the home stretch of its schedule.  But that doesn’t mean Saban did lie to him.

Once more with feeling… we at don’t believe Saban is going anywhere.  We think he’s “bucking for archbishop” to steal a line from “Patton,” angling for a nice big contract to remind everyone that one last-second loss to Auburn hasn’t knocked him from his top o’ the world perch.  And if allowing Bama fans to sweat a bit might make them more appreciative of his successes, well, that’d be a happy by-product (though we think that’s an awfully dangerous road to walk down with the Tide fanbase)

On the other hand…


Lyle Lovett – That's Right (You're Not From Texas)

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Saban Says New Bama A.D. “Not My Decision,” While UT’s Hart Says He’s Focused On Vols

nick-saban-blesses-the-massesNick Saban is the king of the state of Alabama these days.  He’s the leader of the pack when it comes to football coaches nationwide.  When he acts, others follow.  Saban rules the Southeastern Conference with a program that’s hiring support staff like an NFL franchise.

Yet with all that power, Saban says choosing a replacement for AD Mal Moore — who moved into another role with the school yesterday — isn’t his duty:


“I’m going to tell you that’s not my decision.  We have really, really good people here: Chancellors, presidents, other people in the athletic department, people on the board who I have every faith, trust and confidence will make an outstanding decision as to what’s best for the University of Alabama…

My part of it will be to do everything I can to make it work with whoever that individual is.  Don’t ask me.  That’s all I’m going to say about it because I don’t really know anything about it.  I’m not going to call the chancellor and ask him what call to make on third down.  Or the president.”


In addition, Saban said he wouldn’t “want to try” to take on the AD job while still coaching.  He didn’t, however, close the door on the idea of becoming the Tide athletic director at some point down the road… something that will now be held over the head of whoever Bama hires.

“I don’t think that I would ever be happy if I wasn’t doing something,” the 61-year-old coach said.  “I know Miss Terry would not be happy if I wasn’t doing something because I’d drive her nuts in a week.”

One name that’s bound to be kicked around is that of a man who worked with Saban up until the start of the 2011 season.  On the job as Tennessee’s athletic director for a year-and-a-half at this point, former Tide basketball player Dave Hart served as UA’s “executive director of athletics” and ran Bama’s day-to-day operations while Moore focused more on fundraising and facilities.

Asked about the situation on Knoxville’s WNML-AM/FM yesterday, Hart provided the boilerplate non-denial denial that coaches (and ADs) give when a job comes open elsewhere:


“My focus is purely here.  We’re making a lot of progress.  I’m excited about the progress we’re making here and my total focus is on continuing to be privileged to serve as vice chancellor and director of athletics at Tennessee.”


For now at least.

But Hart’s name is still the first mentioned by on its list of potential candidates for the job.  The list also includes the man who replaced Hart in running the daily operations of UA athletics, Shane Lyons.  Former Tide footballer and current Baltimore Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome is listed as a possibility as well, though The Baltimore Sun newspaper called a potential departure by Newsome “a major long shot.”

Finally, former NFL assistant, current Senior Bowl executive director, and current UA radio analyst Phil Savage is also on’s list.


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