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Bama A.D. Talks T-Town Menswear

Speaking to a booster club in Scottboro, Alabama last night, Crimson Tide athletic director Mal Moore addressed the T-Town Menswear story/scandal that doesn’t seem to be going away:

“The university has responded to this maybe six months ago.  Meeting with the store owner, his attorney, our players, everybody that we could find that was involved.  Our compliance people, Mike Ward, his people, have done an outstanding job with this.  It was responded to properly.

There are so many people so excited over college athletics, you have to school and coach your players regarding all this.  It’s just as important for our alumni and our fans to be knowledgeable (about) what they can and can’t do.”

Moore talks of response and schooling, but even if Alabama responded immediately and correctly and educated its players after-the-fact, the school could still face possible NCAA sanctions for any rule violations that led to said response and schooling.

Just as we at aren’t going to look at a Facebook photo, assume someone’s sportcoat was a gift from a booster, and declare a program to be dirty because of it… we also aren’t going to accept Moore’s statement as fact without a bit more information with which to make a judgement. 

And we think the NCAA will probably take a similar approach.

Now, investigators might find evidence of wrongdoing or they might not.  But we will be surprised if NCAA officials don’t at least ask a couple of questions about what exactly Alabama compliance personnel found and why exactly they disassociated Tom Al Betar from their program.

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